6DS Mouthpiece
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6DS Mouthpiece , Lime Green

Non-Contact Pro 6Ds Mouthpiece
Designed To Stabilize The 6 Dimensions Of Your Jaw
7.9  out of 10  (5 Reviews)
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Product Overview

Designed to stabilize 6 dimensions of your jaw. Providing instant results - an overall increased level of performance! Impress friends and teammates with your enhanced power… the results will be undeniable! This product is extremely effective for the everyday sports or fitness enthusiast. New Age Performance is simply the most effective mouthware in the market today!

Key Benefits

  • Increase strength and endurance*
  • Increase oxygen*
  • Improve range of motion*
  • Improve balance*

Ratings & Reviews

6DS Mouthpiece
Overall Rating
5 Ratings
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1 Ratings
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Feb 05, 2018
Verified Buyer

I had been using this for the last month and have noticed an increase in weight and stability while lifting. I have no complains over the mouthpiece as it helped more than I ever thought it would. I am disappointed in the the fact that the case was not built with tabs that hold it closed that to hold up to continual use. After a month of use, the tabs broke and now I have to reorder another mouthpiece as mine is MIA.

Aug 31, 2017

Had my NewAge 6DS now for about 6 weeks and I can honestly say it is far and away the best, and most comfortable, mouth guard I have ever worn. I can't really get into the science behind the dimensional stabilisation, as I don't fully understand it to be honest, but I can state, categorically, that two weeks into wearing this I broke a 10 month plateau and added 5kg (11lbs) to my deadlift. The thing I've noticed more than anything else is my breathing. I can lift with confidence knowing my mouth, teeth and gums are protected when I bite down yet I can still breathe freely and unrestrictedly. I like to draw 4 very deep breaths before gripping the bar and then a further 3 once I have my grip, dropping into my brace and start position on the third and with the 6DS I can still draw those breaths comfortably. I'm also able to fully close my mouth when I brace without feeling like I'm being smothered which I hadn't with previous devices. This really is a superb mouthpiece, so much so that I'm about to order another one. My only grumble is the current lack of a UK distributor meaning shipping and import tax can mount up although, to be fair to NewAge Performance they regularly have offers such as free shipping and discount codes from many of their endorsed athletes. All in all, the issue with distribution is a very small one and I would still recommend it to UK based lifters.

Aug 30, 2017

I have been using this product for some time now and have to say it has made a significant difference in my training. I originally bought the mouthpiece to help stop the grinding of my teeth when trying to go for some PR's, I still use it for this reason but I didn't think it would actually help as much as it did. If I could suggest any kind of equipment to purchase when starting strength training I would have to say the New Age Performance mouthpieces should be on your list, it is inexpensive and it is quality. I have no negative feedback about the product other then it takes a little bit of time to get use to it in your mouth while lifting if you have not used a mouthpiece before.

Aug 29, 2017

I used to buy the thin custom mouth guards from my dentists. Never again. The 6DS is far superior and the added stability, compared other models is awesome. I have added weight and reps and have the confidence to clinch down hard and push the weight.

Aug 13, 2017

I've always had issues with grinding my teeth during hard workouts, and I would have sore jaw muscles for the rest of the day after a nice squat or deadlift session. I would try not to clench down, but it didn't really help. I just accepted this as something I would have to deal with. At some point in time, I stumbled across Furious Pete's YouTube channel where he talked about this mouthpiece. He talked about all of its benefits, many of which sounded like a good sales pitch. I was a bit skeptical, but I wanted to try it to see if it would help with my jaw. Initially, the price held me back from trying it. Then after learning that Brian Shaw and Hafthor Bjornsson use this product while training for World's Strongest Man, I knew I had to try it. I picked up this exact model at the Arnold Expo in Ohio and after having used this for roughly 6 months, I can say it is worth every penny. My teeth grinding no longer occurs, my breathing has improved, and my stability during heavy deads and squats have been boosted.

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Price: $59.97  ( / Serving)
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Designed To Stabilize The 6 Dimensions Of Your Jaw