Phase8 Protein

Phase8 Protein

Muscle Building Protein Powder Blend*
Sustained Release Protein with Amino Acids for Longer Muscle Building Benefits*
8.4  out of 10  (4,191 Reviews)
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Product Overview

MuscleTech Phase8
Build Muscle, Size and Strength
  • Provides high biological value and sustained release protein*
  • 8 hours of amino acid delivery*
  • Increases muscle size and strength*

PHASE8 is a premium blended protein formula that feeds your muscles for 8 hours. Each scoop contains an impressive 26-gram blend of milk-derived proteins that supplies a sustained-release of amino acids. PHASE8 has a superior, clean macronutrient profile with only half the carbs and fat of the leading competitor.*

The main protein component in PHASE8 has the unique ability to release amino acids in your bloodstream for 8 hours after taking it.1 Because of these sustained-release properties, it’s a highly anabolic and anti-catabolic protein that helps create a muscle-building environment for longer periods of time.*


1. Lacroix et al., 2006. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 84:1070-9.










Overall, PHASE8 contains only high-quality milk-derived protein sources designed to digest at different rates, putting your body in the perfect state for repair and recovery. Unlike other protein blends, you won’t find any low quality proteins like rice protein in PHASE8.

  • 97% Whey Protein Isolate
  • Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Milk Protein Concentrate
  • Calcium Caseinate
  • Micellar Casein
Protein 26g 22g 24g
Protein Sources All high-quality
proteins and
egg protein
Low biological value brown
rice protein along with egg
and milk-derived proteins
Carbs 8g up to 15g 9g
Fats 1.5g up to 6g 2g

PHASE8 contains a unique blend of proteins that allows you to take it whenever you need it. The multi-phase protein delivery supplies the needed quick release of amino acids for post-workout amino acid delivery, the medium release protein phase for between meals, and the slow-digesting protein phase for night time use.


PHASE8 was flavored by one of the world’s top flavoring houses by protein flavoring experts in order to taste better than any other protein on the market.

Ratings & Reviews

Phase8 Protein
Overall Rating
4,191 Ratings
Verified Buyer Rating
1,223 Ratings
Average Flavor Rating
8 Flavors
Top Rated Flavor
Milk Chocolate
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Jul 29, 2020
Verified Buyer

The vanilla flavour is disgusting! Tastes like protein from 2 decades ago! Chalky with a bad aftertaste. Strawberry and chocolate are better but still not great. Definitely not as good in terms of flavour as other competitors out there. You’d be wise passing on this product.

May 26, 2020
Verified Buyer

Excellent taste and pure flavor. Drinking after workout and before to bed. My favorite brand.

May 12, 2020
Verified Buyer

I really like this product and have always previously ordered from but your prices just are not that good. Your current sale price (not including the added shipping charge) is the same as Walmart who doesn't charge me for shipping. Without the sale it is much more expensive.

Apr 03, 2020

I have been reading the comments about phase 8 and everybody is talking about the flavor but not about the muscle growth results.. Ok..too chalky flavored and full of fillers too. Anyway, I will let this product to do its job about building muscle and I will come back

Dec 22, 2019
Verified Buyer

Phase8 is my go-to Best flavor, tastes like milk shakes, completely dissolves in water, no clumping or sticking. Numbers beat everything, yeah the scoop is 5-12g larger than others but nothing matches its composition. Compared labels and this was the only one of its kind. I stopped buying isolates and use this in its place I'm on my feet all week so I only get to lift infrequently, but I try to have a protein shake everyday. I wake up fresh and ready if I had Phase8 at any point the day before, and I just don't get that with other proteins so I keep coming back I found Phase8 almost three years ago and have been rotating through all four flavors, would rank them chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, then cookies and cream (last one settles to the bottom)

May 15, 2019

This product is really good for cutting and recovery, such a great taste and overall good product.

Apr 16, 2019

Very pleased with how this product, in combination with creatine and BCAA's, has been working to assist in my weight loss goals. I've struggled to lose the last 10-15 lbs of fat for the past few years. With the help of the aforementioned products, I am finally getting the results that I desired without sudden surges in hunger cravings that seemed to ruin my plans. The PHASE8 has been particularly helpful in shifting my caloric intake towards proteins and curbing my appetite.

Mar 04, 2019
Verified Buyer

I enjoy this protein mix, really helps with recovery. My one and only gripe, this is less a powder and m,ore a dust. Makes a huge mess and has issues in my Ninja blender!

Dec 18, 2018

Great product that taste very good. At times dosent mix great but isn’t a problem. I’ve seen great results over the past few weeks and would recommend this product

Dec 18, 2018

This protein tastes wonderful! I tried the milk chocolate and it is one of the better tasting chocolate flavored proteins, and I have tried many. The powder mixes very easily, I never had trouble getting it to mix evenly. Being a protein blend, the consistency was very nice and creamy. Very impressed!

Dec 18, 2018

I am the worst about protein shakes. I have tried 40-50 different ones and they all gross me out so I have to chug them! This one ACTUALLY tastes good! I wouldn’t mix with milk though, it is very thick!

Dec 17, 2018
  • 10 Cookies and Cream

These are really delicious. I would recommend.

Dec 16, 2018

I absolutely love the chocolate flavor of this. Yeah it is a bit chalky tasting but great flavor nonetheless. It mixes pretty well in water but with milk it was a bit too thick. The results have been decent while using this though compared to some others I've tried. I like that it is a slow digesting protein. Price isn't bad either

Dec 14, 2018

I've been taking phase 8 now for a few weeks. I notice I'm a lot less hungry between meals while taking this. I also wake up a lot less hungry when I take it before bed. I have had improvements in both muscle strength and endurance as well. Compared to nitro tech, this milk chocolate is not as good though I would say the multiple sources of protein is to blame. Be prepared to add more water than normal for a non chalky taste. Better than most other protein powders though. Good product.

Dec 14, 2018

First time using this product and brand for an after workout protein. I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I am enjoying using it. The milk chocolate taste is great, I use it with almond milk. I usually have it around lunch time, so it keeps me satisfied until dinner. The only little downside is that It does take a little more time to shake in a blender cup so there isn’t any clumps. Overall I enjoyed adding this product after my workouts.

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Cookies and Cream
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Sustained Release Protein with Amino Acids for Longer Muscle Building Benefits*

What's in MuscleTech Phase8 Protein

4.4 Lbs. Cookies And Cream
Serving Size 1 Scoop (42 g)
Servings Per Container Approx.50
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 150       
Calories From Fat 15       
Total Fat 1.5 g 2%*
Saturated Fat 1 g 5%*
Cholesterol 50 mg 17%
Total Carbohydrate 8 g 3%*
Sugars 2 g
Protein 26 g 52%*
Calcium 490 mg 47%
Sodium 160 mg 7%
Digestive Enzyme Matrix 100 mg
Papain 50 mg
Amylase 50 mg
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
† Daily Value not established
Protein Blend [Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Isolate (Supplying Micellar Casein and Whey), Micellar Casein, Calcium Caseinate, Whey Protein Isolate 97%, Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate], Maltodextrin, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Cookie Crumble Pieces [Enriched Flour, (Wheat Flour, Niacin, Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Soybean Oil, and Palm Kernel Oil, TBHQ (Preservative)), Cocoa Powder (Processed with Alkali), Fructose Corn Syrup, Degerminated Yellow Corn Flour, Chocolate, Salt, Dextrose, Baking Soda, Whey, Soy Lecithin], Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Guar Gum, Acesulfame-Potassium, Silicon Dioxide, Sucralose, Soy or Sunflower Lecithin
Contains wheat, milk and soy ingredients. Processed in a facility that processes wheat, egg, tree nut, fish and shellfish ingredients.

Directions For Phase8 Protein: Mix 1 serving (1 scoop) with 8 oz. of cold water or skim milk in a glass or shaker cup. For best results, mix 2 servings (2 scoops) with 16 oz. of water or skim milk. Use between major meals and after exercise. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. For maximum results, consume 4 scoops daily for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Warnings: Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a medical doctor if you have a medical condition or before starting any diet or exercise program. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Do not use if packaging has been tampered with. Store in a cool, dry place (60°F to 80°F).

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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