Z-Core PM

Z-Core PM, 60 Capsules

Anabolic Mineral Support Formula for Deep Restful Sleep*
Supports Natural Testosterone Levels, Muscle Strength, and Recovery*
8.3 out of 10 (220 Reviews)
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60 Capsules
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Product Overview

Promote Deep
Restful Sleep

Anabolic mineral support formula with fenugreek*
  • Supports Natural testosterone levels, muscle strength and recovery*
  • promotes deep, restful sleep and recovery*
  • supports sexual health*

Athletes—professional and otherwise—must maximize their sleep period because poor, restless sleep negatively affects performance levels. That's why MP Z-Core PM is here.

This cutting-edge anabolic mineral support formula containing fenugreek and melatonin helps deliver the best sleep possible.* Along with more effective sleep patterns, enjoy a wide array of benefits that includes supporting testosterone levels and more complete muscle growth and recovery.*

Z-Core PM brings that extra edge in helping your body recover from intense workouts.* You wake up ready to take that next workout through the roof, as well as attack the day with levels of energy like you've never felt before.*


Includes a broad range of physiologic and metabolic advantages.* A potent antioxidant, studies also suggest a link with zinc and normal testosterone levels.*


This supplementation is suggested to support free and total testosterone values in both sedentary people and in devoted athletes.* It also promotes healthy muscle relaxation.*


Copper works synergistically with zinc. Recent studies suggest that copper and zinc together are a synergistic force for supporting natural testosterone levels.*


Can provide support for sexual health.* It can also aid in increased muscle strength, energy, and overall well-being, as well as maintaining healthy testosterone levels.*


Can act as a "power antioxidant," and the use of melatonin prior to sleep promotes sleep and relaxation.* When used in sports it may help reduce oxidative stress, improve defenses and lipid metabolism, ultimately promoting improved fitness.*

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating
220 Ratings
Verified Buyer Rating
152 Ratings
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I bought this Z Core PM and have taken it for exactly 3 nights from this review date. Let me review it day by day. And by the way I have just changed my shift from Night shift back to the regular 9am to 5 pm. However, my wake sleep cycle was still messed up. Night 1 : Took the Pill about 30 mins before bedtime. My sleep was uneventful and normal. I woke up after 7 hours feeling so calm and relaxed as if I had come out of a warm massage center feeling. No body aches and felt rested and relaxed. Night 2 : Took my tablet about 30 mins before bedtime... Slept peacefully but got strange dreams that has nuthing to do with life or what i saw or heard in daytime... The dream was like this I was on a beach (presumably Sri Lankan beach and i've never been to Lanka, and suddenly i see a Coast Guard chopper is distress crashing and its pilot struggling to sway the chopper away from beacher revellers..its Noon time....He goes a little ahead and his blades hit a 30,000 litre petrol tanker besides a small gas station. Explosion and people running and taking cover...Crazy Huh...but whats suprising is im not waking from this action packed dream.. and When i waked it was after 7 hours...Fully refreshed and relaxed just with the added memory of this STRANGE not disturbing dream. Day 3...Took my tablet 30 mins before bed.... I dont feel sleepy but when i put my head on the pillow...I pass out within 2 mins FLAT. Another Strange dream....Im in a house wooden and far in the highways of North America presumably. Im with a bunch of ***** Guys and Gals ( They are LGBT) and i dont have anysuch close friends btw...just people i know....We are planning outings and doing each others hair , make-up....Smoking POT....Not too dramatic i know but weird...They suddenly go and jump in their chevy Tahoe truck and Out they go leaving me behind locked up in a gay villa.. luckily there is Wi-fi , i get busy with my phone locked up while they go for their nite out gay party on a saturday nite. Today is Day 4....Lets see what happens.. But honestly...This **** works Sleep quality : 9 out of 10 Body muscle Relaxation : 9 out of 10 Testosterone boost : 6 out of 10 ( Felt a bit ***** n relaxed myself in the morning before a hot shower n work) Muslce Building : UNKNOWN/ UNRATED...Too early to tell. DAY 3 only. Will add later once i get more experienced with it.


Definitely puts you to sleep. I tend to wake up refreshed as long as I get 6-8 hours of sleep an obvious difference from when I do not take them.

Verified Buyer

Great product! I have always had trouble falling asleep at night and staying asleep throughout the night. Z-Core has greatly improved my sleep. I'm now getting into that deep R.E.M. Cycle and waking up refreshed. I take it religiously every night and have noticed a quicker recovery time as well.


if you are looking for a good product to help overall sleep, strength and recovery this is the product for you! My overall sleep improved greatly with this product as well as my workout strength. I would definitely recommend this product, and it has a very reasonable price!

Verified Buyer

I honestly love this stuff. I work out at nights and take a **** ton of preworkout. Not only does the melatonin help with sleep but it's a lower does so I'm not too groggy on it. Have definitely helped with muscle recovery. On my third bottle now.

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60 Capsules
60 Capsules
60 Servings | $0.30 Per Serving

What's in MusclePharm Z-Core PM

60 Capsules
Supplement Facts
Serving Size:1Capsule
Servings Per Container:60
Amount Per Serving % DV
Vitamin B6 (As Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 3mg 150%
Copper (As Copper Glycinate) 10mcg 0.5%
Magnesium (As Magnesium Aspartate) 113mg 28.25
Zinc (As Aspartate 7.5mg 50%
Proprietary Trigonella Foenum Greacum Extract Standardized For 50% Saponins 50mg *
Melatonin 3mg *
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
† Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.
This Product Was Produced In A Facility That May Also Process Ingredients Containing Milk, Egg, Soybeans, Shellfish, Fish, Tree Nuts, And Peanuts.
Store In A Cool Dry Place.

Directions For Z-Core PM: Take 1-2 capsules daily for men and 1 capsule daily for women, preferably on an empty stomach, 30-60 minutes prior to bedtime.

Warnings: Check with a qualified healthcare professional before using this product if you are pregnant, nursing a baby, under 18 years of age, or if you have any known or suspected medical condition(s) and/or are taking any prescription or OTC medication(s). Individuals under 18 years of age are restricted from purchasing this product. Do not use in conjunction with alcoholic beverages, when driving a vehicle or while operating machinery. Consult a physician if using more than 4 weeks. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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