Super Premium Whey Protein+

Super Premium Whey Protein+ , 2 Lbs. Vanilla

A Hydrolyzed Fueled Protein Matrix With 25G Of Whey Protein
Designed To Reduce Protein Breakdown And Spare Anabolic Bcaas For Greater Growth
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MHP. Maximum Human Performance. Super Premium Whey Protein Plus.
Beyond Gold. MHP's Super Premium Whey Protein Plus is the New Standard
Hydrolyzed Fueled Protein Matrix
MHP. Maximum Human Performance. Super Premium Whey Protein Plus

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein


Whey Protein Isolate


Whey Concentrate


Total Whey Protein

Super Premium Whey Protein+

is an ultra premium protein formula driven by a supervisor absorbing hydrolyzed whey protein.

Each Scoop Delivers

of protein




anabolic leucine



Super Premium Whey Protein+ is an ultra premium protein formula driven by a superior absorbing hydrolyzed whey protein. Each school delivers 25g of protein, 5.6 of BCAA including 2.8g of the anabolic trigger leucine and 200mg of anti-catabolic branched-chain keto acids (BCKAs) to reduce protein breakdown and spare anabolic BCAAs for greater growth of muscle mass, increases in strength and improved recovery.

Super Premium Whey Protein+ provides you the fuel you need to maximize your workout each and every time. It's the perfect combination for athletes, fitness enthusiast of those trying to lose or maintain weight to accommodate their active lifestyle.

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In addition to providing a superior protein formula, MHP has developed a unique system that delivers a rich and creamy protein shake with milkshake like consistency that will keep you coming back for more.

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Maximum Human Performance

Reach Your MHP with our exclusive Premium Series. Every product label tells you exactly what's in the bottle, so you know you're getting science-driven sports performance in every serving.

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Aug 05, 2018
  • 2 Vanilla

I tried this for the first time after getting an unpassable deal on it. I should have known better. The flavor I had was vanilla and I was expecting it to be decent given the reviews I read about it. When I popped the lid off the powder smelled not too pleasant. Compared to other powders like Cytosport, BSN and others I've tried this was the first time the powder smelled like something I would rather not drink. I still gave it a try after mixing it with some milk and it was thick and tasted just the way it smelled. Downing the entire glass of this gross stuff felt like it took forever as it had such a strange taste to it that wasn't pleasing at all but worse was that it made me feel nauseous as I started to drink it and almost immediately after and it didn't go away not even hours later. My stomach hurt and needless to say I did spend some time in the bathroom. This seems to have better ratings for Chocolate and gingerbread so I would say if you have to try this maybe go with those because Vanilla really was a terrible experience to try for me.

Jun 08, 2017
Verified Buyer
  • 7 Vanilla

This mixes very easily and doesn't clump. One previous review talked about the bad smell. I can confirm this in powder form and even after mixing, there is a funky smell that is not like other brands. I am not sure why it smells like gym socks, but that makes it way harder to drink. My solution was to mix GNC vanilla CLA with this. The CLA masks the bad smell almost completely. I will likely but this again for its easy mixing and fast absorbing feature. But if mhp happens to read this, please add some flavor scent if that is even a thing.

Apr 15, 2017
Verified Buyer

Decent Protein and very affordable but the protein powder itself has a terrible smell. It's mixes well and tastes good. Overall a good buy.

Apr 12, 2017

I am happy to say MHP has redeemed itself as far as taste of the Super Premium Whey Protein while maintaining quality. I had used their protein isolate previously and I am still using the beef protein. Although I had pretty good gains with those proteins, they tasted aweful. The new chocolate flavor super premium is delicious. I mixed as directed (8oz) with a shaker cup for 30 seconds which mixed well with no settling after 5 minutes. I give the taste a 10/10 and would say it tasted more like chocolate malt and would be a great option for a frozen yogurt treat. I did not feel any bloating either. The packaging is a great improvement aesthetically and like that there is a breakdown of the ingredients in the label. Great job MHP. I received a free tub of protein from MHP for my honest opinion. I have given a truthful review and would recommend this product.

Mar 28, 2017
Verified Buyer

Great product!! The ingredients are very well specified so you know what your getting. No Amino Spiking like a lint of other companies are doing to there proteins. As for the flavor both the gingerbread and chocolate flavors are one point and I can't wait to try the vanilla flavor! Hopefully more flavors to come.

Mar 26, 2017
  • 10 Vanilla

I love that this product not only discloses the different types of proteins that it is made up of, but the exact amounts of each type as well. I feel as though the formula is very well put together as it contains 3 types of whey protein. This protein is very clean without the added fillers. The macros are tremendous and fit in perfectly with my diet. The protein itself mixes incredibly well with water and with oats as well. I typically used this protein powder before my workouts and it gave me solid energy throughout my entire training session.

Mar 25, 2017

Nice protein from MHP,good cocoa aroma upon opening tub with a clean looking fine powder.Mixes up easily with few shakes and produces no foam,grit,or clumps and makes a good shake.Good,strong chocolate taste that's easy to drink.Solid open profile so you know what you're getting.

Mar 24, 2017

As someone who has over the years tried numerous protein powders and found several really good I have to say I now found the BEST one I have ever used . The taste is smooth (chocolate ) the mix ability is excellent no clumps .This whey protein is also very clean in comparison to others on the market . It has a nice BCAA ratio for a protein powder and my teenage son uses it and has no issues with his sensitive stomach which he had with previous powders he had used . I can say enough about MHP new line of products as they have all surpassed my expectations and I'm a TOUGH critic . Last but not least the cost of MHP Super Whey + is the best deal you will find for a quality product !

Mar 22, 2017

Very clean label with specific amounts for all protein sources which is very rare and unique. The chocolate was very sweet and smooth which was great.

Mar 21, 2017

I've been using this for about 2 weeks and I must also say the chocolate tastes amazing. I'm not even a big fan of chocolate flavored protein. I feel I definitely recover better with this product and is mixes very well with milk. Def will continue to use MHP products.

Mar 19, 2017

I had the Gingerbread Cookie flavor and I think it taste really good. Upon opening my tub I smelled the Gingerbread flavor and noticed a fluffy non clumped powder. It maintains its appearance and aroma over the course of taking the whole tub. It mixes really well in water and milk and leaves no signs of clumps or excess foam which is nice. I also like to mix it with my greek yogurt as an evening snack before bed. It taste good in both water and milk however I really like it more with milk as it gives it that creamy milkshake taste. Enjoyable to drink and leaves no nasty after taste in my mouth. It has 120 calories, 25g of protein with the breakdown of ( 12g hydrolysate, 8g isolate, 5g concentrate), 5.6g bcaa's, 11.9g eaa's, and 4.3g glutamine. This protein has definitely sped up the muscle recovery process and has helped me gain muscle mass as well. I didn't get bloated at all with this protein and had no other side effects. I really like this product and would recommend it as well.

Mar 13, 2017

I was given this product to review and was told to be completely honest in that review. With that said...I'm incredibly happy to report that I loved the new protein and the new direction that MHP is going in! Shake was as delicious chocolate that mixed up well. What I really liked was that they are now including the exact breakdown of what proteins are in it in the exact amounts! Plus they no longer use SOY! I can now say that I will be going back to using their products as they are back to being great and are all now tested so it's safe even for collegiate athletes!

Mar 03, 2017

This stuff is as advertised - Super Premium! The highest quality whey protein I've had to date, taste's great and i def feel a difference before and after my workouts when taking. Pretty neat as well that the gingerbread flavor was made with Flavor god as I love his flavorings and follow him closely on social media. Great job at integrating. Thank you to MHP for the free samples and I look forward to trying some more!

Mar 01, 2017

I love mixing my SPWP+ Chocolate with PB2, banana, and almond milk for the best post workout snack. It tastes like dessert, but it’s actually good for me! Highly recommend!! I would have never discovered this awesome stuff if I hadn’t gotten my free sample, so thank you MHP!

Feb 28, 2017
  • 8 Vanilla

This is a pretty solid whey protein which will give you a good bang for your buck. It's a perfect post workout meal. I've tried all of their flavors and I like Vanilla the best. That's just the flavor that my tastebuds prefer. I received a free sample from MHP that I had been using. I've seen a decent bit of muscle growth over the last month so I went and bought myself some more. I would recommend this.

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Price: $25.19  ($1.01 / Serving)
Flavor Rating: 4.6

What's in MHP Super Premium Whey Protein+

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (33 g)
Servings Per Container:25
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value †
Calories 130       
Calories from Fat 20       
Total Fat 2 g 3%†
Saturated Fat 1 g 5%†
Cholesterol 50 mg 16%
Total Carbohydrate 2 g 1%†
Dietary Fiber (less than) 1 g 2%
Sugars 1 g
Protein 25 g 50%†
Calcium 118 mg 12%
Sodium 240 mg 10%
Super Premium Whey Protein Complex (Elemental Protein) 25 g
Whey Protein Hydrolysate (Instantized) 12 g       
Whey Protein Isolate (Instantized) 8 g       
Whey Protein Concentrate (Instantized) 5 g       
Anti-Catabolic BCKA Complex 200 mg
Alpha-Keto-Leucine 100 mg       
Alpha-Keto-Isoleucine 50 mg       
Alpha-Keto-Valine 50 mg       
† Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
‡ Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients:
Sunflower Oil, Gum Blend (Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sea Salt, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium
Contains: Milk & Soy.

Directions For Super Premium Whey Protein+: Mix one scoop with 8 fl. oz. cold water.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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