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Green Tea Capsules
Innovative Technology With Pre-Workout Capabilities
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3 Ratings
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May 24, 2015

Im sorry to say but this product had little to no affect on me and the capsules were also too big to swallow. Although easy to pull apart amd mix with a drink i still fought it was poor for the price tag (i got mine for £27.99 for 100capsules) which is also alot cheaper than other retailers sell for (i think for decent value £20 would be reasonable). This could just be my body but i seen little differance, personally i would go for something else

Jan 30, 2015

I was a bit sceptical about the packaging but was amazed by the product inside. Definitely not style over substance! Excalibur really helps to shift fat after a loading phase and is easily the most effective pre-workout I've ever used.

Jan 29, 2015

Great looking product! Have been using as per instructions for a year now and had great results, bikini body is shaping up! Have recommended to all my friends. Happy customer :)

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