Desiccated Liver

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Argentine Liver Formula
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100% Argentine Beef Liver
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Argentine Liver Formula
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Vital Proteins
Rich In Vitamin A, B12 And Copper For Healthy Skin, Hair And Bones*
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Grow Like A Pro*

Desiccated liver is extracted from the liver of beef cattle, is rich in B vitamins, and is a natural source of iron and folic acid.* Most desiccated liver products are derived from steroid and hormone-free beef sources - no additives or preservatives either!

Desiccated liver is quickly flash-frozen to preserve its nutritional value, which means you get tons of good vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and nucleo proteins.

As one of the most complete nutrient-packed products you can find, desiccated liver is used to support a variety of fitness goals, such as building muscle or burning fat.*


Feed Your Fat Burning Furnace

Desiccated liver is more potent than consuming liver by itself since the ingredients have been compressed, so you get plenty of nutrients jam-packed into tablets or powder form. Desiccated liver is one of the most complete products for any fitness goal, supporting daily maintenance and fitness demands.

The Iron and B vitamins in desiccated liver tablets could be beneficial in encouraging bone health, anabolism, and immune system function.* It is also suggested that desiccated liver may support a healthy red blood cell count and stimulate appetite in the body.*

Assurance For Active Athletes

The prime candidates for desiccated liver include athletes, those looking to build muscle, or those wanting to burn fat.* High intensity activities commonly deplete the body of nutrients, so any aspiring athlete or fitness enthusiast should keep their body ready for action with desiccated liver.*

Building muscle requires maintenance, and if you become deficient in any one of the various nutrients your body uses, you could risk causing a multiplier effect in the body - deficiency in one nutrient can mean many bodily processes are negatively affected. Those looking to burn fat can also find a use for desiccated liver.* The rich amount of nutrients it contains is useful for keeping the body in an efficient fat-burning state.*

Professional Results In A Hurry

Desiccated liver products commonly have different recommendations for consumption, and also come in many different forms, such as powder or tablets.

Because of this, make sure to always follow package directions for consumption, and consult a physician if you have any serious preexisting health conditions.

Ramp up your fitness routine with desiccated liver, a jam-packed super supplement!