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Phenylethylamine , 100 Capsules

Powerful Capsule to Support Mood and Focus*
500mg of PEA
9.2  out of 10  (2 Reviews)

Product Overview

PEA from LiveLong Nutrition™ contains Phenylethylamine, a powerful neurotransmitter suggested to induce stimulation, support mood, and promote appetite control and focus.* This powerful stimulant is found in trace amounts in chocolate and has been dubbed the "Love neurotransmitter", which is because natural levels of PEA are released and elevated when someone experiences the rush of falling in love. It has been said that the reason chocolate is such a mood-stimulating food, is due to its Phenylethylamine content. With PEA from LiveLong™ Nutrition, you get all the mental, emotional and physical benefits, without the calories in a candy bar!*

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I was soooo excited about this product. For a few years, I've purchased fastin-xp but it was getting expensive so imagine my delight when I discovered that bodybuilding carried the main ingredient in fastin-xp! So I buy two bottles, open both, remove the cotton and pour one bottle into another and begin using. Huge mistake opening both. Friday, I took one pill and waited 2 hours. I took another, waited an hour, etc. In 8 hours time, I took 6 pills and nothing. Saturday, I took 3 first thing in the morning. Nothing. At lunch, I took 3 more and nothing. I even took a nap. Sunday, I took 5 first thing in the morning. At lunch, I took 2 more. Nothing. What a waste of money. I'm going back to the fastin-xp. I have no idea what is in these pills but it's not phenylethylamine.

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