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D-Aspartic Acid, 100 Grams
LiveLong Nutrition
8.7 3 Reviews
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Support Testosterone Levels With D-Aspartic Acid*
$20.99 ($0.64 / Serving)
Citrulline Malate, 100 Grams
LiveLong Nutrition
9.9 4 Reviews
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Promote Endurance!*
$21.99 ($0.67 / Serving)
Betaine, 100 Grams
LiveLong Nutrition
8.3 10 Reviews
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Betaine Anhydrous!
$21.99 ($0.22 / Serving)
CLA+Carnitine, 90 Softgels
LiveLong Nutrition
10 1 Reviews
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Support Healthy Body Composition*
$25.99 ($0.29 / Serving)
Phenylethylamine, 100 Capsules
LiveLong Nutrition
9.6 3 Reviews
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Powerful Capsule to Support Mood and Focus*
$24.99 ($0.50 / Serving)
Omega-D3, 100 Softgels
LiveLong Nutrition
10 1 Reviews
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Supports Lean Body Mass*
$28.99 ($0.29 / Serving)
Liver Support, 100 Capsules
LiveLong Nutrition
5 1 Reviews
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With N-Acetyl Cysteine
$30.99 ($0.94 / Serving)
Icariin, 60 Capsules
LiveLong Nutrition
9 1 Reviews
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40% Extract Icariin Capsules
$41.99 ($0.70 / Serving)
Cissus, 100 Grams
LiveLong Nutrition
7 6 Reviews
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Supports Healthy Joints!*
$20.99 ($0.21 / Serving)
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About LiveLong™ Nutrition

LiveLong Nutrition focuses on quality over quantity. Our products typically contain single, pure active ingredients, top-shelf supplement “staples” that have stood the test of time and rigorous research. From our Acetyl L-Carnitine, to our Chocamine, we skip on the gimmicks and ignore the hype, striving to bring you only the most effective and essential supplements.

What makes LiveLong unique, is that each and every product we carry is designed to be stacked with other products in our line, and are essential additions to any fat loss, athletic enhancement, life extension, or muscle building endeavor. That way our customers can create a stack that is designed to suit their goals and budget.



Yohimbine HCL is one of the longest running best-sellers in the LiveLong product line, and for good reason. Not only does Yohimbine enhance lipolysis, squeezing the fatty acids out of those stubborn areas to be used for energy, but it also enhances a healthy sexual response, similar to pde-5 inhibitors, but does not require a prescription.

  • Sexual Health Support*
  • Supports Healthy Bodyfat*
  • Energy Level Support*


Acetyl L-Carnitine is needed at a cellular level, to shuttle fatty acids into the mitochondria to be used for energy. The acetyl group attached to L-Carnitine is useful for Acetylcholine production, which is one of the most important neurotransmitters involved in mental drive and muscular contractile force.*

  • Mitochondrial Support*
  • Promotes Healthy Glucose*
  • Acetylcholine Precursor*


Arginine Ethyl Ester is designed to optimize Arginine levels, which enhances vascularity, increases ammonia removal, and supports healthy Growth Hormone levels. By attaching an ester to this essential amino acid, we can increase its fat solubility and enhance absorption. Arginine Ethyl Ester is the most effective form of Arginine available on the market.*

  • Muscle Fullness and Vascularity*
  • Endurance Support*
  • Post Workout Recovery*


Betaine is an incredibly effective methyl donor. Methylation is a vital process that occurs in every cell of our body. Homocystiene is an amino acid that can become toxic when it reaches high concentration in the body. Betaine reduces this dangerous amino acid and helps support energy levels, increases cellular hydration, and increases SAM-e levels.*

  • Powerful Adaptogen*
  • Supports Healthy Mood*
  • Energy Support*


In particular, joints slowly degrade over time, due to chronically elevated inflammation due to overuse, especially in extreme athletics. With Cissus, you can cool down that inflammation and protect your body, while at the same time helping to reduce your waistlined, due to Cissus’s effect on glucose control.*

  • Supports Healthy Joints*
  • Healthy Inflammation Levels*
  • Glucose Balance*


Rhodiola Rosea is arguably one of the most effective adaptogens available today. An adaptogen is a term used to describe a supplement that supports stress, energy levels and mental outlook. Originally used by Russian athletes, this powerful herb will balance Serotonin levels, enhance the body’s production of Endorphins, and will support post workout recovery.*

  • Powerful Adaptogen*
  • Supports Healthy Mood*
  • Energy Support*