50 Foot Canvas Covered Battle Rope for Outdoors
Kettlebell Kings

50 Foot Canvas Covered Battle Rope for Outdoors

Triple strand twisted battle rope covered with protective canvas for outdoor exercise
Rubber grips on each end, canvas cover protects from dirt, sand & grass, poly-dacron triple strand for durability
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Product Overview

The shorter lengths can slap and catch because your undulations won't make it all the way down the rope before they hit the anchor point and send feedback back through the rope. The canvas cover protects the rope by preventing dirt, sand, bark, and grass from the rope fibers, which seriously degrades the rope quality and longevity.

This is a triple strand twist battle rope with a canvas cover. The canvas cover is ideal for outdoor use and in locations where the rope is subject to harsher conditions. Ropes without canvas covers that are used outdoors or in harsher environments will fray and come apart. The canvas cover on the rope protects it from friction and fraying, ensuring longer user of the rope. Each rope has comfortable rubber grips on the end to help with grip during intense workouts. Battle ropes are ideal for building muscle, burning fat in home gyms or group settings!

  • 5”-3" in diameter (weight and subsequent resistance increases with diameter)
  • 50 ft
  • Sourced by Master Battle Ropes Trainer Aaron Guyett for the highest quality
  • Comfortable rubber grips on ends for better workouts

More About Selecting the Right Battle Rope

Two types of rope making: Triple Strand Twist and Braided

The triple stranded twist is the most common style of rope making, as it is cheaper and faster than braiding a rope. The downfall, is that if your rope begins to untwist it is nearly impossible to twist it back to its original shape and length. This poses a big issue, if you are attempting any cyclonic or circular style of exercises: i.e. full body circles, triple wrapped rope pulling, or outside circles. The canvas cover on these ropes prevents this from happening.

The braided rope is another method of making a rope, and it creates equal forces directing down the length of the rope when creating waves, circles, static engagement, and rope pulling exercises. It also is more durable. The only issue, is when performing circular waves, you will feel the rope wanting to twist inside of your hands. This is part of the tension that is being “held” by the rope. It will not twist the rope, so therefore your grip has to fight to keep the circles going.

Living.Fit by Kettlebell Kings have witnessed the shortfalls in the battle rope production, so we ordered over 30 ropes from 5 different manufacturers to find the very best battle rope. We made our choice after hours of testing and many uses of each rope.

For indoor use, we selected the poly-dacron braided rope.

For outdoor use, we selected the poly-dacron triple strand twist with a canvas covering.

Each rope is manufactured with over 20 key specifications to keep the quality high, as well as three
different thicknesses for your continued progressive overload training.

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50 Foot Canvas Covered Battle Rope for Outdoors
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Rubber grips on each end, canvas cover protects from dirt, sand & grass, poly-dacron triple strand for durability