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Jessie Hilgenberg

Hey there! I am a mom, writer, and fitness cover model, IFBB figure pro, sponsored athlete for both TEAM and NLA for Her, and creator of the Jessie’s Girls Training Programs and Camps (found at My family and I live in Phoenix, Arizona, where we get to live the fit lifestyle year round! I’ve been involved in fitness and sports since I was very young and love showing women everywhere how to train hard and live with balance. From my black belt in TaeKwonDo to my certification in yoga, I love mixing it up and having fun with fitness. Keep scrolling for my favorite products, gym playlist, and all of my workouts and articles found right here at!

Jessie Hilgenberg’s Favorite Products

NLA for Her Ultimate Stack for Her

These specific NLA for Her products were chosen as the best combination to help you burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Everything is creatine-, gluten-, and sugar-free—and the flavors are amazing! The entire line (not just this stack) is dosed specifically for a woman’s body, so you won’t get all the side effects that you usually feel with stimulant-heavy supplements.

How I Take Them: I take the Her Whey with, or as, my first meal of the day, as a snack throughout the day, and also post-workout. To make sure I don’t burn off any muscle, I take 1-2 Shred Her capsules before cardio, along with Her Aminos in my water during and after. I lift later in the afternoon, so I take one more Shred Her and one scoop Uplift about 20 minutes before my weight workout.

NLA for Her Shred Her

I’ve never been big on fat burners because of how they make me feel. I don’t like feeling jittery and I can’t handle feeling out of it. Shred Her works amazing! I even forget I’ve taken it and wonder why my workouts are so sweaty and awesome. It is a natural thermogenic, so it will gently raise your body temperature to boost your metabolism and get the most of out of your workouts.

Jessie’s Favorite Workout Tunes

Jessie Hilgenberg

Jessie’s Favorite Workouts

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† Jessie Hilgenberg is a sponsored athlete.

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