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Choline & Inositol, 100 Capsules
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Inositol Powder, 8 Oz.
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May Help Support Liver Health*
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Use Fat For Fuel*

Inositol is a form of sugar that works differently than normal glucose due to its chemical structure. It is a simple carbohydrate useful for multiple processes.

It has been suggested that inositol is used by the body to form cell membranes, assist in the transmission of nerve signals, and help transport lipids within the body.* It is also thought to support enzymatic activity, promote healthy cholesterol levels already within a normal range, support healthy estrogen levels, as well as brain activity, vision health, and proper intestinal function.*Inositol is commonly used by those looking to support their metabolism, hair, and brain.*

A number of foods contain inositol such as high-bran cereals, red beans, kidney beans, oranges and cantaloupes. Many energy drinks also contain it as well.


Manage Your Metabolism*

It is thought that inositol may aid in the conversion of nutrients into energy and support a healthy metabolism.*By helping your body use the food you eat for fuel instead of for storage, it may be a useful supplement when burning fat.*

Inositol is also suggested to be a great "brain food" because it may encourage healthy brain function - keeping your brain up-to-par is important for students and fitness enthusiasts alike! *

As a naturally occurring nutrient, it has been suggested that inositol may also play a role in hair health.*

Read on and see if this supplement is for you!

A Supplement For Students

Those looking to boost their metabolism in a healthy manner should look into inositol supplementation.*

Inositol's reputation for being involved with brain function is also useful for athletes looking to promote their mental edge, students looking to focus, or anyone wanting to keep a strong head on their shoulders.*

Nobody wants to deal with unhealthy hair – it's unsightly, annoying, and hard to fix. Promote your hair health with this supplement.*

Continue on and learn how you can use inositol in your fitness program!

Become an Inositol Expert

Because inositol products range in type and formulation, dosage guidelines are dependent upon a variety of factors. Because of this, always follow package recommendations for the safest and best results. Most products recommend 100-200 milligrams daily.

Diarrhea has been listed as a side effect associated with overdose.

Those who are pregnant, have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), are undergoing lithium treatment, or have any other preexisting medical condition should consult a physician before using inositol.

Pick up inositol and take your fitness goals to a new level!