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Save 30% Y & I Strip Kinesiology Tape, Black/Blue
Pro-Tec Athletics
Pre cut Y & I strips
English Ice Cap Reusable Ice Bag, Case of 12 - 12 x 6" Diameter
Relief Pak
English style ice bag cold compresses are made of waterproof rubberized fabric
Senso Vein Trainer, 13" X 13"
Balance and conditioning trainer for beginners
Save 30% Single Strip Kinesiology Tape, Black/Pink
Pro-Tec Athletics
Pre cut singe strips
Save 30% Calf Sleeve
Pro-Tec Athletics
Neoprene calf sleeve
Senso Ski Trainer, 16" X 16"
Ski style balance and conditioning trainer for beginners
Save 30% J-LAT Lateral Sublaxation Support
Pro-Tec Athletics
Premium grade neoprene sleeve to provide compression and support
Save 30% Sacroiliac Back Belt
Pro-Tec Athletics
Belt & compression pad
EX - EXtended Thrust Chiropractic Adjusting Tool
Designed for the requirements of Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) adjusting and clinicians who require greater thrust than traditional adjusting tools
Insulated Ice Bag, Case of 10 - Hook/Loop Band - Large - 7" X 13"
Relief Pak
Insulated ice bags consist of multi-layer construction keeps moisture away from skin
Balance Block, 13" X 6" X 3"
Air-filled unstable balance block
Save 30% Ankle Wrap
Pro-Tec Athletics
Neoprene sleeve to provide warmth & compression to the ankle
Cold N' Hot Elastomer, Large Wrap - 10" X 24"
Relief Pak
The tough, flexible gel, specially selected fabric and hook/loop straps provide an exceptionally durable product
Save 30% Ankle Brace
Pro-Tec Athletics
Lace up, mesh ankle brace to help alleviate conditions of ankle sprains
Save 30% The Lift - Patellar Tendon Supporter
Pro-Tec Athletics
Combination patellar strap & compression sleeve
Leg Stretcher
Leg stretcher to improve flexibility and mobility
Save 30% Gel Force Ankle Support
Pro-Tec Athletics
Gel lined ankle support to help alleviate mild to moderate ankle sprains or inversions
Rickshaw Rehab Exerciser
Strengthen arms and shoulder muscles to help with propulsion, transfer, and pressure reduction lifts
Dynair Wedge, Junior - 13" X 13"
Space-saving wedge to help strengthen the back
PAB - Pressure Air Biofeedback - Basic
Rehabilitation devive that uses air to mesure muscle strength
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