Padded DuraHide Leather Lifting Straps

Padded DuraHide Leather Lifting Straps , Red One Size

Comfortable and Strong!
Tri-layered Design Maintains Shape and Prevents Tearing
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Product Overview

Harbinger Fitness

Harbinger's new Padded Durahide Leather Lifting Straps bring new power and comfort to heavy lifting!

Our specially-tanned Durahide real leather offers strong traction on the bar, with no added bulk, and the tri-layer design maintains shape and prevents tearing. The extended 21" length and 1 1/2" width create a stronger wrap and grip on bar through increased contact area on knurled bar surface. Tanned for suppleness as well as strength, Harbinger's Padded Leather Lifting Straps comfortably conform under hand and around bar, and feature a plush Neotek wrist pad that cushions during heavy lifts.

No question, the new Padded Durahide Leather Lifting Straps are a serious training tool in your workout tool chest!

Product Details:

  • Great for hang snatches, heavy pull and deadlifts.
  • Harbinger's specially-tanned real leather offers maximum traction on bar, with no added bulk
  • Tri-layered design maintains shape and prevents tearing
  • Extended 21” length for stronger wrap on bar
  • Extra 1.5 inch width increases contact on grip surface
  • Merrowed end tabs prevent fraying

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Oct 07, 2016
Verified Buyer

I have used cotton loop through straps, stitched nylon straps, and these. These are my least favorite straps, by a wide margin. Pros: The extra width compared to the traditional nylon straps for weightlifting is nice. The extra length on the end you actually wrap around the bar is nice compared to some of the shorter straps. Tail for wrapping around bar is far from being too short, can always be cut to desired length. Padding prevents any discomfort from strap cutting into wrists. Cons: While padding prevents discomfort from pain, it provides discomfort in not allowing you to really get "locked in" and therefore missing lifts and missing lockouts. The slack from this and the leather stretching causes you to lose control of the barbell in lifts, especially snatch variations. The tail that is wrapped around the bar is bordering on too long, but I suppose that is better than too short. Bottom line: If you want some cool looking straps to add to your gym bag, sure- go for it. If you're a serious lifter- use the tried and true nylon straps. For the price and material/workmanship involved these were very disappointing. This is the only reason I have given these more than 1 star. The quality is clearly nice and well-intended; however, application is another story and the only one that should matter.

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Price: $27.99  ( / Serving)
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