Big Grip Bar Grips

Big Grip Bar Grips , Red One Size

Proprietary High-Density Bar Grips
Thick Bar Training Activates More Muscles When Lifting
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Product Overview

Harbinger Fitness

Grip strength is usually an athlete's first indication of fatigue when training. Harbinger's Big Grip bar grips will help you train your muscular endurance in a way that will improve functional grip strength. Our Big Grips convert barbells, pull-up bars & cable attachments into "thick bars". Thick bar training activates more muscles when lifting, and builds bigger, stronger arms and upper body faster. Weightlifting and bodybuilding pros have used thick bar training for decades -- now you can too!

Made from a proprietary high-density compound, Harbinger Big Grip bar grips attach to the bar like a clamp and don’t compress - even when dead lifting extreme loads. Easy to clean and transport so you can use at home and at the gym, and everywhere you lift.

Product Details:

  • Converts Barbells, Pull-Up Bars & Handles into "Thick Bars"
  • Thick Bar Training activates more muscles when lifting
  • Rapidly builds upper body strength & muscle mass
  • Train like the Pros
  • See results faster
  • Pair High-Density Bar Grips clamp on standard and Olympic bars for thick grip
  • Use at home and in the gym
  • Easy to wipe clean and transport

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Big Grip Bar Grips
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May 11, 2019

I've used fat grips before and in my opinion these fit the bar slightly better and work'll save a few bucks as well. Oh and yes they do build up your arms too

Dec 18, 2016
Verified Buyer
No written review.
Sep 15, 2016
Verified Buyer

I'm not too sure how the official fat grips are. I've never used them but I really enjoy these grips. They have helped increase my grip strength a ton. For about 10 dollars cheaper than fat grips I would definitely recommend them.

Save 25%
Was:  $27.99
Was:  {{}}
Price: $20.99  ( / Serving)
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Thick Bar Training Activates More Muscles When Lifting