Grab Pads

Grab Pads ,

Contoured For Better Fit!
Used To Enhance Grip Traction When Lifting And Weight Training!
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Product Overview

Grizzly Grab Pads are used to enhance grip traction when lifting and weight training. 3mm contoured grab pad provides protection and cushioning to palm and fingers during training. Pad has 3 layers of protection- two non-slip texture layers, one that rests on your hand, the other on the bar. In between them heavy duty coated mesh for strength and durability, creating a "no-slip" grip.

  • Re-inforced neoprene - Extremely Durable!
  • Contoured for a better fit and grip in the had
  • Comfortable padding on any excercise bar
  • Improves grip while exercising

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Grab Pads
Overall Rating
4 Ratings
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Jun 19, 2015
Verified Buyer

solid, great grip, fits perfectly to the hand thanx to their shape, best pads!!

May 19, 2015

good protection, excellent grip, a little too long.

Sep 21, 2013
Verified Buyer

These pads are awesome and solid ! I bought them because I don't like using straps on lat pull downs, but finally I found an even more interesting use for this product. As it is thick, I use them on Arms' Day and for me it is like a little fat grip, not as thick, but it's enough if you don't have big hands. But as it is thick it is going to make your forearms sore, so don't use it on all exercises.

Dec 02, 2010

The workout pads are awesome. I hate wearing gloves because most of them are uncomfortable and smell after awhile. The pads are great because they grip much better.

$10 Off $100 with STACKIT
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Price: $13.99  ( / Serving)
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Used To Enhance Grip Traction When Lifting And Weight Training!