Core Ab Ball

Core Ab Ball , 20 cm Blue

Effective Ab Toning!
Designed To Maximize The Time You Spend Strengthening Your Abdominals!
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Product Overview

The GoFit Core Ab Ball including the Intro to Core Ab Ball DVD, are designed to maximize the time you spend strengthening your abdominals. The Core Ab Ball intensifies work for the middle muscles and provides more effective toning for the abs than you could ever get from mat work alone. Nationally-acclaimed fitness instructor, Brook Benten, M.Ed., ACSM-HFS, explains the anatomy of the abdominal muscles and how they fire during different core-focused movements, then leads you through the ultimate 22-minute core workout chapter. “Core” muscles are the skeletal muscles between the shoulder girdle and hip flexors (front, back, and side-to-side); the core workout chapter in GoFit Intro to Core AbBall DVD hones-in primarily on the abdominals.

DVD Running time: approx. 28 minutes


To inflate your Core Ab Ball follow these simple steps:

Locate the inflation hole on the ball. Remove the ball plug (if it is in place).
Place the inflation tube (included) into the hole.
Using your mouth, blow up the ball until it is firm.
Once inflated, place your thumb or finger over the hole, then quickly insert the ball plug all the way into the hole.
Your ball should be firm, but "give" when you squeeze it lightly.

Note, do not use an air compressor to blow up your ball.

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Core Ab Ball
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Price: $19.99  ( / Serving)
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Designed To Maximize The Time You Spend Strengthening Your Abdominals!