Big Grip Lifting Strap

Big Grip Lifting Strap , 21.5 Inches Black

One Size Fits All!
Dura-Grip Rubber Strips Grip The Bar For A No-Slip Grip!
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Harbinger Fitness

Harbinger designed the Big Grip Lifting Strap with a combination of ingenious innovation and top performance that has made it the leading fitness accessory brand in North America. This patent-pending strap is great for shrugs, rows, cable pulls, lat pull downs, dead lifts, farmer walks, and more. The strap is made from heavy duty nylon and lined with Harbinger's Dura-Grip rubber strips. These strips face the bar and grab on for a no-slip grip when lifting. The merrowed end tabs prevent fraying. At 21.5 inches, the extended length allows you to wrap the bar several times.

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Big Grip Lifting Strap
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Jul 10, 2019
Verified Buyer

They are strong but rigid. I do not like that they are partially made of nylon or some material similar. I ended up purchasing a different wrap that I originally had. It was cheaper, more comfortable, and more effective.

Apr 22, 2016
Verified Buyer

This hurts the skin strap

Dec 21, 2012
Verified Buyer

Really good quality fro such low price. It's easy to use and practical. I used lots of straps for pullups and lifting, but this is the most practical. i really recomend this product

Aug 26, 2011

to be really honest i am a bit disappointed in the product. i have always used harbinger lifting straps. most commonly the standard cotton webbing straps. (bottom of the barrel standard) when finally replacing my most recent straps (over 2 years of abuse) i decided to try these fancier ones at a very similar price. once i received the straps and tried them out i found them to be extremely stiff and difficult to wrap around the bar/handles. i figured they would conform/relax over time, but alas i was wrong. also while i dig the idea of rubber sewn into the strap to hold the bar more reliably. it actually fails to help in anyway. i generally trust the standard cotton straps far more. bonus issue is that the rubber is sewn throughout the entire strap ensuring that the strap firmly secures itself to your wrist by getting excellent traction for your wrist hair/skin. you get used to it eventually but you'll feel it in the shower later as the water reminds of of your skin irritation. stick to the simple straps!

Mar 31, 2011

so so, no better than few bucks ones

Aug 16, 2010

Love these. Help take lots of weight off my wrists, grip very well. Only downfall i should have ordered the padded version. They dug into my wrists a little at first but im good now.

Jul 26, 2010

Up until now I've used standard cotton Harbinger lifting straps. I saw the rubber "no-slip" grip on these and figured they must be an improvement. I was sadly let down. As another poster pointed out, the rubber grips are hard to adjust one-handed. But the major issue here is that if you have any moisture or sweat on your hands or arms (and you better if you're seriously throwing weight around) the straps become super-slick and you won't be able to keep your grip. I've since tossed that pair (they're pretty much useless) and ordered a pair of Harbingers "cotton lifting straps" (the ones that are five bucks and change). This is definitely a case of the more expensive tool not necessarily being the better one.

Jun 14, 2010

i really like using these straps. they help lift heavy especially when doing my back. the ruber they got on makes an excelent addition because it makes it easier for you to grip and wont slip as easily. I also like the quality of this product seems durble. i highly recommed it

Jun 07, 2010

I have had 4-5 pairs of harbinger lifting straps over the past 8 years... lost a few. I recently purchased the big grip strap hoping the rubber inlay would help on those last sets of back and shrugs... I was let down. The rubber inlay did grip better but it also made it harder to tighten the straps with one had [rubber grips on the back machines - rubber against rubber] and the straps are made of a nylon like material vs the original cotton straps. Any moisture at all and your your fingers will start to slip, which is pretty much a given if your lifting hard... Ended up giving them to my wife's training partner... The straps were of Harbingers excellent quality, only brand I will buy, and did have the same neoprene wrist support. Just did'nt quite foot the bill for me.

Feb 13, 2010


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