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fitbook by fitlosophy, Black Book & Pen

The Original 12-Week fitbook For The Serious Goal-Getter
12-Week Fitness Plus Nutrition Journal
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Product Overview

From earning praise from competitors like Steve Cook and Nicole Wilkins, to gracing the pages of fitness magazines, fitbook® is the original 12-week journal plan for success, track progress + reach your goals! Research shows: you’re 76% more likely to reach your goals if you put pen to paper. Here’s why fitbook works:

  • 12-week goal-setting + reward system with tips + inspiration to keep you motivated and on track
  • Weekly planning pages to set goals, plan workouts + meals for the week ahead, and set rewards to motivate you
  • Record workouts daily to track progress, including space to record strength training, cardio, classes + flexibility
  • Log food to record healthy eats daily with space to jot down meals, macros + emotions, plus trackers for nutrients, vitamins, water + sleep
  • Wrap-up your week with pages to reflect on progress, reward accomplishments, journal thoughts + plan for the week ahead!

fitbook is small in size, making it easy to tote around or toss in your gym bag. Plus, it includes a pint-size pen!

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I love the idea of this book. And the construction is spot on. However, my issue is the layout and size. Anyone that works out knows that with increased heart rate and muscle fatigue it's hard to write in such a small spot in a small book. It's a little cramped but there's a flow. I would but it again if it were in a larger size. FYI....the app that is mentioned with the book needs an overhaul to be more user friendly.

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I got this a few days ago at my local bookstore. I love it! Its compact, high quality and the layout is really straight forward. Its a shame that it only goes for 12 weeks, but it'd bee too heavy to lug around if it was a year long so I understand. Will definitely be buying a second one after I'm done with this!!


The more I use my fitbook, the more I like it. I had trouble at the beginning and would forget about using it for a couple of weeks, but once I decided to be consistent with writing everything down I was really able to notice improvements in my performance and strength.

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