Muscle Fit Mini

Muscle Fit Mini ,

Fitness & nutrition driven personal DNA test
Analyzes 25 genetic variants to report on 8 key traits to help you improve your training & nutrition
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Product Overview

DNAfit fitness mini analyses 25 genetic variants to report on 8 key genetic traits you can use to personalise your training for improved results.

  • Optimal training type
  • Power response
  • Endurance response
  • Strength response
  • Aerobic trainability
  • Injury predisposition
  • Muscle mass

You’ll discover your body’s unique response to power, endurance and strength exercise and learn your optimal training type, which can be put to use to tailor your program for faster results.

On top of that, you’ll learn your risk of soft tissue injury which can be used to guide injury prevention work, your response to aerobic training, and your genetic propensity for building muscle.

You’ll receive your results in a fully interactive customer portal, detailing your genetic traits and what you can do with your training to take advantage of your unique DNA makeup.

NOTICE: Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests are intended for General Wellness use. Do not make any dietary or health-related decisions without first discussing your test results with your health care provider. For genetic tests, you may also consider speaking with a genetic counselor, board-certified medical geneticist, or other equivalent health care provider.

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Muscle Fit Mini
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Analyzes 25 genetic variants to report on 8 key traits to help you improve your training & nutrition