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Our Site? Your Site.

That's right: belongs to you, our users. You tell us where to go. You tell us what to do. We do our best to follow directions and make better than ever. We're talking better shipping, better shopping, better content, better community, and better ways to hit your health and fitness goals faster than ever.

As much as we love our transformation thus far, we're nowhere near the finish. We're just getting started. Like you, we're always improving, always getting better, and we'll settle for nothing less than the best. Take a rest between sets and check out what we've been building.

Facebook Recommend On All Product Pages

Commend It, Recommend It

Do you love a product and want to recommend it to your family and friends through Facebook? With our "Recommend" button on every product page, it's easy to support the products you prefer! The button is located under the product image on each product page. If you're logged into Facebook, just click the button and share!

Quick Rate

The Quick Rate feature lets you easily rate products with a single click, and you don't even have to leave the page you're on! With a simple press of your mouse, the Quick Rate panel will pop up, allowing you to drop a review and rating with ease. Don't forget: You need to be logged in before you can rate!

Taste Rate

Ever been super excited to try a new flavor of a beloved product? You eagerly order the product, anxiously await for it to arrive, break into the box and crack open the seal, mix up a glass… only to find it tastes like a glass of pennies, not "Tropical Escape!" No more. Now, when you click Rate Product, you can easily rate the flavors on all our flavored powders. The Taste Rating shows up next to available flavors across all relevant product pages, so you can check before you buy! Got great taste? Be sure to share!

Mobile Commerce

We finally have a mobile-friendly store! No more painful searching or tough times shopping. Where can you download it? Here's the best part: NO DOWNLOAD NECESSARY!

Just by visiting on your phone, you will automatically get the mobile experience. The images are phone-friendly, the load times are quick, and it's easy to search, surf, and purchase.

Wish Lists

Wish on a Star

Yes, you can finally build a Wish List! What does this mean? You can add your favorite products – from protein powder to that awesome T-shirt you've been eyeing – to your very own Wish List. You might be wondering: Is there a limit to the number of items I can add? Nope. Can you add items from your Cart to your Wish List? Yup! But how? It's simple: Once you are logged into your BodySpace account click on the button next to any product we sell and it will be added directly to your very own Wish List.

Viewing your Wish List is as easy as navigating to your account and selecting the Wish List link, or you can select Wish List from the Order Status tab in the navigation menu.

Product Comparison

Dare to Compare

Now you can compare products side-by-side to make sure you get the best product possible to meet your personal health and fitness goals! From any product listing page, you can select the products that interest you and click "Compare." This button will take you to the Compare Page, where you can see how the products match up to one another! Also, feel free to share the link – this way you can get your friends' suggestions before you buy.

Shop Brands by Popularity

Popularity Contest carries a wide selection of top brands and products! Want to know who is on top currently when it comes to supplementation? Now you can shop by brand popularity!

Start the Discussion

If you haven't already, you can now comment on and rate every article! Article comments and ratings provide a direct channel to inform, question, and converse with the entire community of readers and writers. Even better, you can now "follow" the discussion on an article. If you choose to follow a specific piece, you'll receive an email every time a new comment is posted about that piece. If you wish to stop receiving notifications at any time, simply click the "unfollow" button in the body of these email notifications. Inspire, inform, and motivate other readers!