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Taurine , 250 Grams Unflavored

Taurine Powder For More Focused Workouts*
Supplement With Taurine To Help Cardiovascular Function And Mental Alertness*
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Taurine is suggested to:

  • Help support cardiovascular function.*
  • Help temporarily support mental alertness.*
  • Assist in periods of increased mental and physical exertion.*

If amino acids were the Brady Bunch, taurine would be screaming, Leucine, leucine, leucine! After all, leucine very well does appear as the sexiest, most worthwhile amino acid to include in supplement formulas, and for good reason. As we detailed in our discussion of BCAAs, leucine has a deep pool of data behind it, and most of it is very encouraging.

But taurine is no joke, either. While the focus of the bodybuilding community has been on its cousins, the BCAAs, the scientific community has known for some time that taurine is arguably the more critical compound to the human body. Taurine plays a role in some very key physiological processes, many of them related to exercise.*

Despite that fact, a decently priced and decently large serving taurine product has been difficult to find. Well, look no more. Core Nutritionals’ taurine is large enough for a full month of servings at the all-important clinically-studied serving!


Through traditionally referred to as an amino acid due to its chemical structure, taurine is not an amino acid in the sense that leucine, alanine, or glutamine are. Its chemical status aside, taurine is considered one of the body’s most essential chemical compounds, as cardiovascular function, muscle development and function, along with optical and nervous systems in the body depend on its abundance. While data on taurine typically occurs with taurine in supplement combinations (with caffeine and other amino acids), these data nevertheless suggest that dietary supplementation with taurine may have beneficial effects on mental focus and alertness and may assist during times of increased physical exertion.*

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very clean product. great value for money. Mixes pretty well. a little bit sinks to the bottom. But there was no scooper. Not sure if it was suppose to come with one or not.

250 Grams
250 Grams
100 Servings | $0.11 Per Serving
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