Cellucor. Select Stack. Build The Ultimate Cellucor Stack.

mix n' match your favorite flavors

You stack your supplements and now you can stack your flavors. Cellucor and Bodybuilding.com have teamed up to bring you the exclusive 'Select Stack.'

A twist on the way you stack

The 'Select Stack' gives you the opportunity to sample several of Cellucor's most popular, award winning flavors for the price of one. Simply choose your favorite Cellucor product, select your pack size, and customize your flavors!

Here's how it works:

1. Choose a product
C4 Extreme, Alpha Amino, COR-Performance Whey

2. Choose a pack size
6-stack pack (6 flavors of your choice at 5 servings each = one 30 serving tub.)
12-stack pack (12 flavors of your choice at 5 servings each = one 60 serving tub)

3. Customize your stack
Pick from a variety of flavors, and mix and match your favorites.
Example: A 6 stack pack of C4

  • 5 serving Icy Blue Razz
  • 5 serving Fruit Punch
  • 5 serving Lemon Lime
  • 5 serving Watermelon
  • 5 serving Orange
  • 5 serving Strawberry Margarita.

4. Grab, go and lift
Each 5-serving pack comes in a convenient size so you can fuel up anywhere! Just grab your flavor of choice, go and lift.

The Cellucor Select Stack is sold exclusively at Bodybuilding.com. It's all about choice, putting the power in your hands!

  • Amazing Flavors
  • Unlimited Combinations
  • Award Winning Products
  • Easy & Convenient Storage

Get the most out of every lift by getting the best out of every pack.

Build your Cellucor Select Stack today!

Cellucor C4 Alpha Amino Select Stack