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"As you’ve heard me say time and again, sufficient protein intake is critical for improving your physique, performance, and overall health.* In fact, I recommend getting in a solid 1 - 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day, and at least 40 grams of protein at meals.

For this reason, Iso JYM is a go-to supplement for everyday use. It delivers the most protein per calorie when compared to protein powders that use protein concentrates or milk protein isolates, and it’s perfect to help meet your macros on protein without going over on carbs and fats."

~ Jim Stoppani, Ph. D

Product Benefits

  • Iso JYM contains 20 grams of pure whey protein Isolate (WPI), with zero fat, no added sugar, only 1-2 grams of carbohydrates, and only 90 calories per serving.
  • A convenient, delicious, light, refreshing drink that provides a quick hit of easy-to-drink protein whenever you want it – first thing in the morning, with lower-protein meals to bump up the protein content, as a between-meal snack, or even before and after workouts.
  • Tastes more like your favorite thirst-quenching drink, with no milky taste or texture.
  • Promotes lean muscle gains, exercise recovery, and numerous health benefits in the body.* It’s also the perfect protein powder for those following low-carb diets to maximize fat loss.*
  • Adjust plate according to your goals, so you can get results tailored to your needs.
JYM ISO JYM Product Benefits

Key Ingredients

Iso JYM contains 20 grams of pure Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) per scoop. WPI is a purer form of whey protein than the cheaper whey protein concentrate you see in most protein powders. The WPI in Iso JYM goes through a specific microfiltration process that removes lactose and doesn’t harm the small protein molecules from the whey. The result is a whey product with a protein concentration of 90% or more for maximum uptake and digestibility.

JYM ISO JYM Key Ingredients

Supports Your Goals

Iso JYM is convenient—drink it with meals to meet protein goals, before and after your workouts, first thing in the morning, or as a quick between-meal snack. Iso JYM can also be mixed with Pre JYM or Post Active JYM for exciting new flavor combos that not only crush your tastebuds but provide fuel to help crush your workouts and support maximal recovery after exercise*. Plus provides a clean protein source for those intolerant to lactose.

JYM ISO JYM Support Your Goals

Good To Know

Just as important as what’s in Iso JYM is what’s not in it. Iso JYM contains no fat, no added sugar, only 1-2 grams of total carbs, NO LACTOSE. You’re getting 20 grams of the highest-quality whey protein with only 90 total calories. It’s the ultimate clean protein!

About The Brand

JYM Supplement Science products deliver the highest quality ingredients at full, efficacious doses, and with complete transparency. No proprietary blends, no abbreviated formulas, no concentrated doses. The JYM brand exposed these shady practices when it launched in 2013, changing the sports nutrition industry for the better. With Iso JYM, the transparency continues, as does the innovation!

About the Brand JYM