Scientifically Formulated Testosterone Booster*

Prime-T Containers

Performance Benefits

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Boost Testosterone*

500mg Fenugreek +

3,200mg D Aspartic Acid +

250mg Safed Musli Extract +

100mg Boron Citrate

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Build Lean Muscle*

3,200mg D Aspartic Acid

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Libido Support

300mg Maca Extract +

250mg Safed Musli Extract

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Energy & Vitality

3,200mg D Aspartic Acid

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Maintains Healthy Hormone Levels*

250mg Diindolylmethane (DIM) +

100mg Boron Citrate

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Muscle Icon Daily Testosterone Support*
Prime-T Containers
RSP Athletes

Prime-T is scientifically formulated to be the perfect solution for complete testosterone support.* The key ingredients in Prime-T have been shown to naturally support free testosterone levels, promote health estrogen balance, facilitate lean the building of lean muscle and strength, and support a healthy sex drive and libido. * The use of these scientifically proven ingredients creates a well-rounded supplement to support overall health, fitness and balance.*

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