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Hyperemia & Testosterone Enhancing Powder*


High Intensity

Pre-Training Formula

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NITRAFLEX is a clinically tested, high-intensity pre-training formula that has potent ingredients to help magnify energy, alertness, strength, stamina, pumps and during workouts.*

Nitraflex pre-workout delivers fast, explosive training results for a more powerful body, including energy, stamina, Nitric Oxide (NO) and supports testosterone levels already within healthy range.* It contains proven muscle building L-Citrulline malate, L-Arginine, L-Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) amino acids and Calcium Fructoborate (CFB), a natural, high potency form of Boron which has been shown to support free testosterone.*

Female GAT Athlete
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Safe For Women!

Unique properties of some key compounds in NITRAFLEX:

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CFB Icon Clinically Tested CFB
Citrulline & Arginine Molecules High Citrulline: Arginine Ratio
No Water Retention Creatine Free

Can Also Be Used For Peformance & Energy For Sports*:

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