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The University of Mixed Martial Arts (aka “The U of MMA”) is a fight promotion focusing on up–and–coming amateur fighters, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and pursue their dreams of becoming professional fighters.

Making it to the “big show” and becoming tomorrow’s champion takes a village. It’s about the support and belief of coaches, training partners, family, and friends. It’s also about what YOU put in: dedication, hard work, countless hours in the gym, and proper nutrition and supplementation. A champion is made up of all of these things.

The U of MMA is proud to partner up with to feature fitness and nutrition advice, as well as access to the best supplements on the planet.

For tomorrow’s champions … IT STARTS HERE! Loves MMA

We’re ready to help you dominate the cage with the right training, nutrition, and supplementation.


Get some hard-won wisdom from the pros.

Randy Couture

This is the story of how a fighter became a soldier and a soldier became a legend. Learn how the military helped Randy Couture become a UFC hero.

Brian Stann

Brain Stann is a lean mean fighting machine, whose career as a UFC mixed martial artist has catapulted to great heights, due in part to his unmatched work ethic and regimented training, nutrition and supplementation programs.


Build strength and speed to enhance any fight style.

Randy Couture’s Expendables Workout and Lionsgate bring you The Natural's workout for the feature film The Expendables. We dare you to try it. We double-dog dare you...

Density Block Training: Build Strength And Muscular Endurance

Famed Fighters Only strength coach Barry Gibson reveals how pro athletes build show-stopping stamina alongside fight-winning strength.

Warrior’s Work with Tim Kennedy

How real-life hero Tim Kennedy kicks ass in the cage and forges the physique you want.


Fuel your training with the right nutrients.

MMA Nutrition and the Weigh-In

Are you looking for a nutrition program that has a direct approach to what you eat? A nutrition program that doesn't blindly suggest a supplement ... Learn more and be ready for the weigh-in.

The Four C’s

Whether in the gym, the ring or the cage, you need maximum energy and conditioning to be successful. The good news - you have choices ... Here's a closer look at some smart and simple choices, like carbs, for maximum performance!

MMA Post-Workout Nutrition

When it comes to maximizing results from your training sessions, the nutrients and supplements you consume after you get finished could have a huge impact on how you'll be rewarded ... Learn more now!


When you're choosing the right supplements, you want something that will give you an edge. Something that will take your performance to another realm of intensity. Check out these top supplements for getting in fight shape, whether you need to pack on pounds of solid muscle or lean down and get shredded.

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