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SmartShake Lite, 20 Oz. Black

BPA- & DEHP-Free!
Great Shaker For 4-12 Oz. Drinks!
8.2 out of 10 (59 Reviews)
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Product Overview

The SmartShake™ Lite is made from high quality industrial BPA- & DEHP-free plastic. It is safe to use in micro, freezer and dishwasher. Thanks to the advanced anti-leak technology the lid and the cap is 100% guaranteed leak proof even for hot and ice-cold drinks.

The innovative and concave strainer mixes the powder with liquid to perfect viscosity in just a few shakes. The strainer snaps on to the lid (patent pending), no need to get your hands messy every time you want to lift the strainer/mixer.

We care about the environment. You can always be confident that we use eco-friendly freight options and that the plastic is 100% recyclable.

We designed the compartments so they fit inside the big cup while shipping, this way we reduced shipping and carbon footprint with 25%. And you will also help, since you no longer have to use one time containers that you throw away after finishing the drink!

  • Custom metallic blue color with Logos
  • Anti-Leak Technology
  • Non-Toxic Recyclable Plastic, BPA & DEHP free
  • Microwave, freezer, & dishwasher safe
  • Safe for hot liquids up to 120°C / 248°F
  • Snap on strainer/mixer
  • Industrial high quality plastic
  • Carabineer for keys or connect the shaker to a bag
  • The cup holds 20 oz (600 mL) up to the edge
  • Patent pending
  • Designed in Sweden
  • 5 year warranty

SmartShake™ Lite has been developed and tested in close collaboration with Team SmartShake™: Phil Heath (Mr. Olympia 2011), Jay Cutler (4x Mr. Olympia), Ronnie Coleman (8x Mr. Olympia), Adela Garcia (6x Ms. Fitness Olympia) and Flex Lewis (IFBB PRO).

Logos on Product May Vary!

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59 Ratings
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Verified Buyer

So bad

Verified Buyer

Perfect small shaker, no leaks, no odors, easy to clean and I received as a gift. However, I use it as a secondary shaker, can't fit all the needs for everybody. Quality is high.


Hello world.


I found out that if you turn it upside down and shake it like maracas it works without powder getting stuck in the top btw be sure to mix a half scoop at a time unless pre workout the full scoop if fine.

Verified Buyer

I was impressed by this shaker. The sift-like thing connected to the cap provides an interesting alternative to the traditional blender ball. It mixes well, but unfortunately a decent portion of my shake gets stuck in the holes and thus I can't drink all of it. Likewise, to get the last of the shake, I need to unscrew the cap and take the top off. So overall it is a bit of a hassle, but mixes VERY WELL. I'm glad I got it for free - would not buy, but makes a cool gift. I still prefer my normal Blender Bottle.

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Price: $5.49 ( / Serving)
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