Fast-Up Nootropic
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Fast-Up Nootropic , 90 Capsules

Rapid Energy & Cognitive Renewal Formula*
Think Faster and Clearer.*
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Product Overview

Think faster on your feet!*

Whether it's at work, school, or play, we all want a quick boost of energy and mental clarity from time to time. Unfortunately, many energy drinks and shots aren't all that healthy. Fast-Up is a healthy alternative to these products. It enhances the natural energy-producing pathways of your cells with a synergistic blend of nutraceuticals typically not found in energy boosters.* Best of all, you can feel it working within moments!*

Size: 90 capsules (30 servings)


  • Support Performance (mental & physical)*
  • Boost Energy*
  • Promote Wellness*
  • Why people like it

  • Clients tell us that Fast-Up works faster and feels better than coffee and other energy boosters.
  • Premium-quality formula: Fast-Up contains premium ingredients like NADH, co-enzyme Q10, citrulline malate, and B vitamins to support cellular energy production, alleviate fatigue, enhance mood, and reduce free radical levels.* This isn't a dollar-store energy shot!
  • Flexible dosing: One serving (3 capsules) provides 200 mg of caffeine, equivalent to 1.5-2 cups of premium brewed coffee. Simply take fewer capsules if you want a smaller dose of caffeine.

Who it's ideal for

  • Fast-Up is ideal for the majority of people who want to boost their energy, mood, and cognitive performance before working out, work, or school.*
  • Many clients use it as a pre-workout supplement.

Secrets to Success

  • Adjust your starting dose according to your caffeine tolerance. For instance, if you typically drink 1 cup of tea daily, you may want to start with 1-2 capsules. Whereas, someone who drinks 2 cups of coffee every morning, should start with a full serving (3 capsules).

What people are saying
(The testimonials shown below and in other product pages were collected online. Some have been edited for grammar, clarity, and the sake of space. Reviewers were compensated.)

Dord says: "This is a great product and really works as advertised. It increases mental awareness and energy levels for workouts.*"

Glen says: "5 stars. One of the few products I can take pre-workout. Doesn't give me the shakes, which is important to me."

Denise says: "High energy when I need it. Helps with early morning workouts. I only use it once a can use it twice a day if you need to."

HotMamma says: "I work out in the morning and my boyfriend told me to take caffeine. I saw Fast-Up at the gym and tried it. Wow...I am hooked on this stuff. I'm a Fast-Up user for life."

Paul T says: "Two Fast-Ups before my AM workout helps snap me out of the fog quickly and maximize my workout!"

Ratings & Reviews

Fast-Up Nootropic
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1 Ratings
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Sep 23, 2013

This is a great product and really works as advertised; increases mental awareness and energy levels for workouts.

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Think Faster and Clearer.*

What's in Beverly International Fast-Up Nootropic

90 Capsules
Supplement Facts
Serving Size3Capsules
Servings Per Container30
Amount Per Serving % DV
Vitamin B6 (As Pyridoxine HCL) 50mg 2500%
Vitamin B3 (As Niacinamide) 40mg 200%
Vitamin B12 (As Cyanocobalamin) 500mcg 8333%
Folic Acid 400mcg 100%
Fast-Up Energy & Cognitive Renewal System™* 2348mg **
L-Citrulline DL-Malate (1:1 Ratio) 2000mg
Caffeine 200mg
Coenzyme Q10 100mg
Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract (90% Polyphenols, 40% EGCG) 45mg
NADH 2.5mg
** Daily Value (DV) not established
Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Purified Water, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Titanium Dioxide.

Directions For Fast-Up Nootropic: Take 1-3 capsules daily.

Warnings: Do not take more than 6 capsules of Fast-Up in 24 hours. Consult your physician prior to using this product if you are: under 18 years of age; pregnant; nursing; trying to become pregnant; taking medications; or have a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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