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Custom Pill Organizer,

Up To 9 Separate Compartments!
Custom-Fit All Your Pills In This Handy Organizer!
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Product Overview

Supplements come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. Pills make up a vast majority of supplements, and it's a pain to lug around multiple pill bottles all day. There are many pill organizers out there to help alleviate this issue, but most of them can't handle the different types, the different shapes, the different sizes, or even the sheer volume of supplement pills we all take every day... Until now! Ladies and gentlemen, this isn't your ordinary pill organizer...

Introducing the Custom Pill Organizer!!! It lets YOU be in control of your pills! This pill organizer can be adjusted to have up to 9 separate pill compartments with varying sizes! Simply move the dividers into one of the designated slots to custom-fit your pills or completely remove them for larger compartments! It's that easy!!

This pill organizer can hold any type of pill out there: capsules, v-caps, liquicaps, tablets, softgels... you name it! The customizability of the Custom Pill Organizer will ensure that all of your supplement pills will fit safely and securely together, from large to small, capsule to softgel. PLUS, don't worry about forgetting which pills are which. The Custom Pill Organizer comes with a set of labels to mark which supplements you store in each compartment!! How convenient is that?!

In addition to customizability, the Custom Pill Organizer can be stored snugly in your gym bag, briefcase, purse, or whatever you use to carry stuff without taking up much room at all! No more fumbling around with multiple pill bottles! On top of that, the Custom Pill Organizer is TOUGH! Made of a durable 100% plastic material, this thing is so strong you could drop it and it won't break!! (WARNING: Do not attempt this at home. Testing was done by professionals in a controlled environment.)

The Custom Pill Organizer is one supplement accessory that you won't want to live without! Get yours now!!

  • Customizable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Convenient
  • Up To 9 Pill Compartments
  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 5" x 2"

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Overall Rating
16 Ratings
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14 Ratings
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Verified Buyer

The compartments are huge and adjustable. The nine compartments hold all the supplements and vitamins for my wife and I (and we take a ton of pills; even more during cutting cycles). My only reason for not giving it a 10 is that that the lid hing is flimsy and won't last long, but I got it free with my order, so I'll just grab another one on my next order.

Verified Buyer

Pretty standard pills organizer. Actualy, it's pretty cheap. You need to make yourself them compartment using cheap plastic pieces. That's pretty useful unless the plastic is too loosy. The 'lock' that allow you to close it and secure it can't do his job so I wouldn't bring it in a bag or something. It's functionnal as long as you keep it in the kitchen.

Verified Buyer

Pretty straight forward review - you get exactly what you think you're going to. A pill organizer. Nothing super fancy, but it gets the job done. In the many years I've been ordering from I have ordered two of these. And the only reason I ordered a second one is because the label wore off my first one haha. I definitely recommend/encourage people take multi-vitamins and fish oils, and you will inevitably need to plan ahead for a trip or travel at some point in time, so having a pill organizer definitely comes in handy! Pick one up if you don't have one already! :)

Verified Buyer

Perfect sized box. Can fit in my bag. Closes properly. Had 9 sections. Doesn't have a weird smell that other reviews say. Would recommend.

Verified Buyer

plastic have bad quality

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