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Ashley Horner

Ashley Horner has always been athletic, playing soccer at an elite level. But it took the births of her children to push her into full-time fitness. Like many women, she realized that she’d have to recover from the two C-sections herself. Through her journey, Ashley has learned to not only embrace her body, but to transform herself into a powerhouse presence in the fitness industry. She now helps others take their fitness and health to the next level, no matter their age or ability, with her Becoming Extraordinary e-book trainers, Transform You Challenges, and Ashley is a triathlete, a TEAM athlete, a magazine columnist, the founder of the Unbroken Movement Foundation, and is sponsored by RockTape and Quest Nutrition. She is especially passionate about helping soldiers and the spouses of servicemen and women through her Op-6 and Camp Valor programs.

Ashley Horner’s Favorite Products

Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiN.O. Energy

“I love AmiN.O. Energy not just because it’s delicious, (Like Jolly Rancher candy!) but because it gives you the right amount of stimulation to wake you up and get you through that workout. Not only do I drink AmiN.O. Energy before I work out, but I love it as a midday pick-me-up.”

Vega One

“Vega One protein is on my favorite list because it not only tastes great, but it’s an extremely clean protein. Whey proteins tend to make me bloated and a little gassy, but when I tried Vega one, I noticed that my stomach didn’t bother me anymore.”

Quest Nutrition Quest Bars

“Quest Bars are my number-one favorite protein bars because they’re the best bar on the market. These bars taste so good, and they’re loaded with protein and low in sugar and fillers. Check out their nutritional labels, and you’ll see how minimal and clean their ingredients are. I love to give these to my boys for afternoon snacks, and I recommend them for the entire family.”

Ashley’s Favorite Workout Tunes

Ashley Horner

Ashley’s Favorite Workouts

† Ashley Horner is a sponsored athlete.

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