100% Whey Protein
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100% Whey Protein, 5 Servings Vanilla Ice Cream

A Delicious Blend of Pure Whey Concentrate to Help Build Muscle and Speed Recovery*
Low Carb, Low Sugar, and Low Fat Protein in Three Decadent Flavors
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5 Servings
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Vanilla Ice Cream
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Product Overview

  • Mixes Easily
  • 22 Grams of Protein
  • Only 1 Gram of Sugar
  • Less Than 150 Calories

AI Sports 100% Whey Protein is a delicious blend of pure, high quality Microfiltered Whey Concentrate and Ultrafiltered Whey Isolate. What you see on the label is exactly what you get in every scoop. This means no amino spiking of any kind and only the purest whey protein to help you build muscle and recover faster.* AI Sports 100% Whey Protein brings protein powder flavors to a new level, giving you decadent flavors that are low in carbs and fats so you can indulge in delicious whey protein without feeling guilty. Our whey protein mixes easily without any clumping, giving you a smooth consistent texture that you would expect from a high quality protein powder. AI Sports 100% Whey Protein is an excellent choice of protein for any fitness and wellness goal.

Who can benefit from AI Sports 100% Whey Protein?

Anyone 18 years or older looking to increase their consumption of healthy protein!

What separates AI Sports Nutrition 100% Whey Protein?

AI Sports Nutrition has some of the best tasting and easiest to mix shakes in the industry. We take great pride in our flavors. Each flavor is selected through a very rigorous process. Our flavors are taste tested by some of the top distributors and retailers in the supplement industry before the first batch is approved for manufacturing. This ensures the flavors have been well received by people who use and sell protein daily. Our formula is very simple, but extremely delicious. No bells and whistles, and no added extras or sales gimmicks. AI Sports 100% Whey Protein mixes very easily into an extremely satisfying, smooth shake with amazing taste.

How much should I take?

As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop with 8 oz of water or milk.

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating
55 Ratings
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Vanilla Ice Cream
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I just finished a 5 serving container of the Cinnamon Roll and I WILL be picking up a larger container in the future. I've gone through a good amount of cinnamon based proteins in the past 2 years and all of them were flavored well and each had their own unique taste that made them enjoyable but I gotta say AI Sports did a GREAT job with the flavoring. I has that sweet cinnamon roll favor but not overly sweet and it has almost a cake like taste to it which really gives the effect of eating a cinnamon roll. The powder mixes well with virtually no foam or particles and the blend of proteins is whey concentrate and isolate but which it would specify the filtration process of the proteins. The macros is pretty good though slightly higher in the carbs than other whey proteins but not a big deal but the price is what keeps from getting a 10. This is definitely one Cinnamon flavored protein I would recommend and I'm eagerly looking forward to trying the other flavors but I will wait it out and try to catch this on a good sale and most likely during Black Fri when AI Sports runs a good sale on their supplements cause $34.99 is a tad pricey for 2lbs of protein. I picked up the pumpkin pie flavor and at first I wasn't impressed but after using it a few times I really started to taste the natural pumpkin flavor and the spices are there but are not very strong so that is what was throwing me off at first about this flavor. I wanted a stronger spice flavor but it still has a very good pumpkin flavor and it's been fantastic in yogurt, cottage cheese, and in different recipes that I've used it in so I DEFINITELY recommend giving this pumpkin flavor and if the spice flavors would have been a tad stronger I would of given it a 10/10 but 9/10 is very solid for a flavor rating. Just finished a container of the Birthday Cake and the Mocha and once again AI did a great job with the flavoring. The Birthday Cake really captures the flavor of a cake without tasting like vanilla or cake batter and it's NOT overly sweet which can sometimes make a flavor too sweet to enjoy the true flavor.This is one flavor your gonna wish your birthday was everyday to enjoy it. The Mocha which I am not a coffee drinker but LOVE coffee flavored anything really taste like a cup of coffee and it has just the right amount of bitterness without being too bitter, and the sweetness of the choc comes in but it doesn't over power the coffee flavor so you don't think your drinking choc with a hint of coffee. What your tasting is coffee with a hint of choc to give it enough sweetness so that it isn't too bitter and I think AI did this flavor PERFECTLY!!! So far I would recommend every flavor that I've tried and I have two more in my stash to go so I'll review those flavors once I go through them.

  • 9 Vanilla Ice Cream

This is a great product and tastes great. If you are craving some vanilla ice cream this will definitely hit the spot and also give you some protein to boost! Read my full review at: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=173271721&p=1478230271#post1478230271


I won this review in 400lb Gorilla's push press comp; this is amazing. It basically is horchata with protein in both taste and texture. Great taste and mixes very well.


I had a 5 serving of the cinnamon roll and let me just tell you it was amazing. I used it in oats and it tasted like a warm cinnamon bun! I also mixed the protein in water post work out (still had a very strong cinnamon roll taste) not overly sweet not to cinnamon-y! Just perfect. I absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking for a cinnamon roll protein. Definitely one of the best on the market! I have also had the pleasure of having the PUMPKIN PIE - it was also delicious. I mixed it with cashew milk and there were no clumps! It was like a holiday treat!


This flavor is on point! Mixes no problem at all. Nice and thin, sweet, and easy to drink. My favorite was to mix this with 1/2c cooked oats and some cinnamon. Nice sweet treat that's healthy as well. I've never had a pumpkin protein and was a little skeptical but they nailed the flavor on this.

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5 Servings
5 Servings
$2.60 Per Serving

What's in AI Sports Nutrition 100% Whey Protein

Serving Size: 33g (1 Scoop)
Servings Per Container: 5
Amount Per Serving %DV *
Calories 126       
Calories From Fat 22.2       
Total Fat 2 g 4%*
Saturated Fat 1 g 4%*
Trans Fat 0 g       
Cholesterol 26 mg 9%*
Total Carbohydrate 5 g 2%*
Dietary Fiber 2 g 10%*
Sugars 1.5 g       
Protein 22 g 44%*
Sodium 105 mg 4%*
Potassium 120 mg 3%*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Other Ingredients:
Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate), Polydextrose, Creamer (Sunflower Oil, Maltodextrin, Sodium Caseinate, Mono & Diglycerides, Dipotassium Phosphate), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Chloride, Sucralose, Soy Lecithin, Acesulfame Potassium.
Contains: Milk, Soy

Directions For 100% Whey Protein: As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop in 8oz of water or milk. 

Warnings: This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adults 18 years of age or older. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Discontinue use and immediately contact your health care professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Follow label instructions and do not exceed recommended use as stated in the directions. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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