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PASSION: How To Unlock Your Potential!

From experience I can tell you there is one important emotion that can lock you onto your target and never look back. This powerful emotion is Passion.

Have you ever noticed that when you first get a great idea or goal, you are extremely excited about it? Then after awhile the motivation and excitement dwindles as you become distracted by the everyday ins and outs of life. This can apply to both a fitness goal and to life in general. So, how can we keep the same excitement and motivation we once had in the beginning, to be a constant to help achieve what we are after? From experience I can tell you that there is one important emotion that can lock you onto your target and never look back. This powerful emotion is Passion.


How do we obtain a passion toward a particular goal? Well first, you need a goal. This will be your plan. Remember if you don't know where you want to go you will probably end up somewhere else. As complex as the human body may seem, when you are dealing with the desire to achieve a, you are dealing with an emotion. Somewhere in the past something happened in your life to act as a turning point for you to make the decision to want to change your body. Whatever happened in the past to make this move, journey and change, caused your mind to start supplying you with reasons why you should continue to go with your feelings of bettering yourself. The more moving the experience was, the stronger the emotion and also the rationalization behind that drive. It is when this emotion becomes intense, is when it turns into passion.

Once you have passion in your life toward a particular goal, you become unstoppable, relentless. When passion takes over, you are able to tap in your reserves of mental and physical energy to drive you toward what you want. Have you ever seen someone who was so passionate and focused, that all of a sudden, they can run optimal on less sleep? Any barrier in your path seems to be a minor inconvenience, instead of a problem. Passion is the driving force of the successful, winners, movers and shakers of this world. When it is used in attaining a fitness goal you want for yourself, passion makes it much easier. Passion makes you train harder, prevents you from cheating, and gives you energy when there should be no possible way you should be able to move. You turn into a fighter. If dieting for a contest you almost feel bulletproof, because no challenge is too big.

Here is a list of points to help you increase the enthusiasm behind your drive:


You should review all your goals, or main goal everyday. Think about it, speak it, and tell others. It will make you more accountable for it. Sometimes we set out to accomplish something and ever so slowly little distraction in life, take you mind of the real reason you are looking to accomplish your goals. After a while you will lose your drive. So reviewing your plan will keep you focused and what it is you are going for.


At every waking moment try to do anything possible you can to help you become closer to reaping the rewards you are set out for. Winners do more every moment than the rest. Making every moment count will cause you passion to grow as a result.


Live in the now, you are the master of your own destiny. The best time to act on anything is now. Every time you hold back or remain in limbo, you are denying yourself of the reward you are to obtain in the future. I am so sick of hearing people who live in the past. They always tell me how the "used" to look. OR they might go on to tell you what "might" have happened if they knew what they know now. Tell those people to stop it, get off there tail and do something about it NOW.


Once the decision is made, put everything you got into it. Never look back. Always aim higher than you feel you can achieve. If you to achieve it, you did something you did not think you were capable of. If you fall short, I guarantee you still accomplished things you never thought you would either. Fear is your worst enemy; it will prevent you from reaching your maximum potential. On the other hand if you are filled with passion, you become fearless.


Start off all your sentences with confidence. Such words are "I will, I am," "Of Course," "yes," and all positives. When self-instructions are negative, so will our actions be negative.


Avoid the people who preach gloom and negativity all the time. The complainers, the unmotivated, confused, lazy, do not know what they want, etc. You can't waste your time with those people. They serve one purpose, and that is to hold you back, and take away your joy. Their negativity and confusion will start to sink into your subconscious. This will also happen very slowly, so be careful, by the time you realize it, and it may be too late. Only hang around positive and supportive people. Trust me on this one. I only know from experience. The wrong relationships can severely slow you forward progress.


Your major barriers in life are a result from your own self-limitations.


There is a reason you want to better yourself all the time. When you set out for something, forget what will happen if you do not accomplish it. Always, think of the final reward waiting for you once you achieved what you want in fitness, work, or life. Keep your eyes fixed on that. Yes there will be some sacrifice, but the end result is so worth it!

Once again the purpose of this article is to help you zone in and get focused on what you want to do. Everything is possible, you just to go out there, attack, grab it, and take it. All that takes fearless risk, chance, and work. I wrote this article not only for you the readers', but also for myself. Everyone goes through "stale" times, where everything seems at a standstill. We need to get excited about something, and go for it. This way everyday we will wake up with that goal to look forward to. It adds a purpose. When I write my articles, I am learning right along with you. I think if we keep an opened kind, no matter what the fitness level, there is always something to be learned. Get excited about something you really want, go get it, don't stop until you do, and never look back. The more passionate you are about it, the easier it will be to achieve. Take care! God Bless!

If you have any comments or questions, or would like to contact Chris for fitness modeling, appearances, or nutritional programs, e-mail Chris Zaino at . So until next time, TRAIN HARD, TRAIN, SMART and God Bless!