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Q & A With Chris Zaino - Part 3.

Find out what meal replacements are best for those with high metabolisms, what supplements are good for beginners that are starting a new program, if getting a blood test is a good idea for those who take a lot of supplements and much more...

I am a slender built male with high metabolism (too high if you ask me), and I was wondering is there a way for me to eat correctly and gain the weight that I want (30 pounds)? What is difference between ENDOMORPH and MESOMORPH builds? And finally, what is the best weight gain supplement available on the market?

The best way to add the solid muscle mass you want is to have a well sound nutrition and training program. You will promote muscle mass and growth through your training, but it will do you not one bit of good if you are not feeding the body enough food to get the job done. You must increase your food intake through high quality protein (Meats, and/or powders) and good natural carbohydrates (rice, oatmeal, potatoes, and vegetables). It is that simple, but you must remain consistent on your plan to reach your goal. It will take you more than a few weeks or months to achieve what you want. Remember consistency and hard training.

As far as the differences between ecto and mesomorphs: Endomorphs are primarily those people who are chubby and husky all the time. They have the typical rounded "O" shape to their body. They can put on muscle, but they also can put on fat. Mesomorphs, are born gifted! They posses relatively lean physiques while being able to put on muscle easy.

The best weight gain supplement out there is... Food, food, and more food. Supplements are just that... supplements. If you are not eating and training right they will not even work to their full potential. I would get a protein powder or meal replacement powder (Met-rx, Nytro Pro, etc) to help add good quality meals and calories to your diet.

So, start revving your appetite up! Continue to train hard! Train Smart! Train Natural! In time your goals will be achieved.

I was just wondering whether or not vitamin C and zinc pills can increase, or help with, my muscle growth. I cannot say that I am an avid bodybuilder, but I do want to get bigger as in pure muscle (like the body of that of Bruce Lee).

I'm a smoker that is trying to quit and, in a way, bodybuilding is my only way to encourage me from quitting my bad habit. Any information on supplements that I could take but not too expensive would be appreciated.

Also, I would like some information on a workout routine that I could possibly work and build muscle with. I would most likely workout at home, but all I've got is a bench, some free weights, a barbell, and two or three dumbbells.

I really need help and I would like an expert point of view on starting to build a better body. Any workout routine that works mostly on the arms, shoulders, chest, and abdominals would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much! Please do write back soon, as I am desperate to get started!

Well, Vitamin C and Zinc can be very important bodybuilding materials because they will keep you more resistant to any types of illnesses. You see, if you are sick, you cannot improve muscle wise, cardiovascular wise, strength wise, or losing body fat. Consistency and longevity are the key to developing the body you want. It cannot be done overnight, or in a couple of weeks. You must remain as healthy as possible. One of the more popular supplements these days is ZMA, taken before bed.

If I were you, I would consume 5-6 small meals a day. Make sure each meal consist of a protein source, a carbohydrate source, and some type of green vegetable.

As far as cheap supplements are concerned, stick with the basics. I would recommend a multi-vitamin/mineral complex, Vitamin C, Protein Powder, and Creatine here and there to break plateaus... You are still at a beginner level. I would save the more advanced supplements for down the road when need a bigger boost. I would totally take advantage of the natural growth increases you can make through just training and good nutrition as a beginner. You will make your best gains in the beginning, so make sure you are on top of nutrition and training.

As far as workout is concerned, you need to train the whole body. I see you just listed the body parts that you like. You see, balance is essential in all aspects of life, whether it be diet, or social aspects of it. You need to train all body parts to develop evenly. If not you will look very awkward, you will be out of balance, and worst of all, this could lead to an injury. So if I were you I would pick 2 exercises for each body part. I would perform 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

A good idea I would recommend is for you to go out and get a couple of sessions with a personal trainer to learn how to perform the exercises correctly and efficiently. Wrong exercise form leads to injuries and poor development. If not a personal trainer, then I would go to the book store and buy a bodybuilding encyclopedia on training and nutrition. Read it over and over and follow the suggestions listed in the book.

Do you feel getting a blood test is a good idea? I am not thinking nor even planning of taking steroids, so do I still need to get one? My parents get concerned because they feel I am taking too many supplements, and it is hurting my kidneys. Are they just being over protective? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Thanks for the e-mail. I personally think getting blood work done is a great idea no matter what your level in fitness. It is a great way to see what is really going on inside your body. I personally have all my clients go for blood work every 3-4 months. It is great to see how fitness can change health risk levels in your blood like cholesterol and triglycerides, to normal or even excellent. What you see on the outside is not an accurate determinant of your overall health. It serves as a great preventative tool for catching a problem before it starts to manifest serious symptoms of pathology. So, I would advise to get a check up a few times a year to see how the inside plumbing is doing.

As far as your parents go... they are just people who love you and care so much about you. Trust me; I went through the same thing with mine when I first started lifting. Just try to educate them on what you do, how you train, how you eat, and what supplements you take. My parents were scared just because they were not fully educated on the subject of supplementation. They heard one bad report, you know the 1 case out of 1 million, and that is all they feed on. Thank God you have parents who are concerned and care, be patient with them, and help them understand things better. Communication is the key! Thanks for the question.

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