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How Training Partners Can Help You!

Training partners will help you to stick to your fitness program creating the consistency needed for improvement. They provide the motivation needed to challenge yourself, pushing you higher and closer to your goals.

Each and every New Year I see the gyms filling up with new and old members ready to conquer their New Year's resolutions. Here we are in the middle of the year, and as the months go by I also see these same passionate people dropping out by the dozens. What happens! People find themselves getting caught up in other things or they get frustrated and bored.

I can't tell you how many times I hear the "bad genetics in my family" and the "Slow Thyroid" excuse as someone's reasons for not losing fat or getting in shape. The bottom line is this: THE KEY TO ACHIEVING YOUR FITNESS GOALS IS TIME AND CONSISTANCY! Not one month or two, but a habit, a way of life. So instead of starting your new journey on your own, why don't you have someone go along with you? That's right a training partner! I can't think of a better way to keep you motivated and consistent with your training.

Training partners are an asset to anyone wanting to strive for the best they can be. As mentioned before training partners will help you to stick to your fitness program creating the consistency needed for improvement. They provide the motivation needed to challenge yourself, pushing you higher and closer to your goals. Besides having a spotter to help you, the right training partner will definitely make training a more enjoyable experience. Talk to any top athlete and they had a person or persons' who helped push them higher than they ever could on their own.

Too many times the spotlight is on the athlete and no one knows about the training partners who helped get him or her there.

Qualities & Suggestions To Look For In A Training Partner:

  • Share the Same Goals: This is very important. If you are training for a fitness or bodybuilding competition, you might find it hard training with a person training to improve their golf game. Find someone on the same level of fitness that you are trying to achieve.

  • Same Passion and Drive: Sounds similar to the first one but slightly different. This comes to the fire and determination within your partner. If you want to be the best you can be, then you need to find someone who wants the same and then some. If you just want to tone up and look good for the beach, then find a partner with the same mind set.

  • DEPENDABLE: That sums it up in one word! You want your partner to be there on time, ready to go, all the time!

  • Share Suggestions and Opinions: Remember you guys are training partners, not a one-person team. Your training can really benefit when each of you shares different training routines and strategies, when combined can lead to a creative and awesome workout.

  • Honest and Critical: You want your training partner to be honest and give you constructive criticism when needed and vice versa. At times it might be humbling, but it is what you may need to hear to kick your training up a notch or to make any necessary changes to your program. Tell them when they are using improper form. Talk to them if they are bringing their daily problems to the gym with them.

  • Size Doesn't Always Matter: This applies for you young beginning bodybuilders. The biggest, most ripped guy in your gym might not be the best training partner. From my own experience in the past I have trained with a top national competitor, even pro. I had the worst workouts, lazy ones would best describe it. This person trained with a complacent frame of mind that actually held me back from my full potential. Then on the other end of the stick my first 2 years in college, I met my best friend a 6', 133 pound ex-model who would do whatever it took to grow. He had the fire and passion that I had and no matter how tough the workout, he would push 110%. By the way just recently I saw my buddy in California. Three years later, with his same drive, determination, consistency and passion, Charlie is almost out of law school and weighs a hard 230 pounds NATURALLY! SO it all comes down to the old saying:" It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog."

  • Provide Friendly Competition: This will help you and your training partner get the maximum amount of effort from each other. Whether it be who can lift more, do more reps, or hit 5% body fat the quickest. Competition, kept friendly, brings out the best in an athlete.

  • Get A Personal Trainer: If you are truly serious about hitting and achieving your goals in the quickest possible time, consult the guidance of a personal trainer. Personal trainers take the "guess work" out of your training program. A personal trainer is not only your training partner and coach, but also his/her expertise in training and nutrition suggestions will help prevent you from "spinning your wheels" in the gym and assure that you are constantly progressing. CAUTION: MAKE SURE THE TRAINER IS CERTIFIED OR HAS A DEGREE IN THE FIELD.

  • Have More Than One Training Partner: I saved this one for last. You can have more than one training partner to help support you and help you achieve you goals. Heck, there were times I had a whole team! When preparing for my shows I had the support of many people in different areas. For example, you can meet with a group of people to do early morning cardio.

SO consider getting yourself a training partner if you don't have one. You will be helping out yourself and someone else achieve the consistency, motivation, determination, and ability to achieve your goals in fitness that you set out for.

Let's make this year, 2003, one to remember! The time is NOW! Once you start, never look back. Keep training hard! Keep Training smart!

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