Your Perfect Fat Burner!

Fat burners can be a godsend for achieving out-of-this-world leanness, but only if used correctly. Answer these 5 questions before you go shopping. Ready to burn?

The iPad 2 is the newest, hottest product on the market for tech-lovers. For the supplement industry, fat burners are the must-have items. And there's almost as much advertising surrounding the latest and greatest fat burner as there is around the iPad.

It's possible to look past the flashy ads of ripped-to-shreds fitness models and find a supplement that can help you rise above fat-loss plateaus and punch your progress into overdrive. But only if you're asking the right questions.

Once your diet and workout program are in order, you have the opportunity to choose a fat burner that meets your specifications. The supplement market is flooded with weight-loss products, so there's something out there for anyone looking to shed those stubborn pounds. Answer these 5 questions before you go shopping and prepare yourself to see amazing results.

Adding a fat burner to your supplement might yield the results you've been searching for.
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Adding a fat burner to your supplement plan might
yield the results you've been searching for.

1. What Do You Want Your Fat Burner To Do?

Different fat burners serve different purposes, so the first thing to decide is what you want your fat burner to do. In other words, what do you want to accomplish from using it?

Do you want more energy?* Do you want to suppress your appetite? *Or, maybe you want to increase your metabolic rate so that you're burning off more calories?*

Whatever you want in a fat burner, it's likely that there is something on the market to fit your expectations. If you can't find one product that combines all the things you want-for instance, maybe you want a single product with green tea extract for natural fat burning support, Hoodia for appetite control, and caffeine for energy-then you may be able to buy individual supplements to fulfill your needs.* Identify what you want in a fat burner before making your selection.

Many fat burners are classified as "stacked" products that contain a blend of numerous ingredients and are designed to target your energy levels, metabolism and appetite. So if you want broad spectrum fat loss support, a stacked product is the way to go.

2. Are You Sensitive To Caffeine Or Stimulants?

Many fat burners contain caffeine to help boost energy levels and potentially increase fatty acid mobilization: aka, increase fat burning.* But if you know that drinking one cup of coffee causes you to feel jittery and lie in bed awake all night, you'll probably benefit more from a stimulant-free fat burner.

While stimulants definitely have advantages for energy enhancement, if it comes at the expense of sleep and your overall well-being, you're better off without the caffeine, Yohimbine or Synephrine, three popular stimulants in fat burners.

Stimulant-free fat burners usually contain ingredients like green tea extract, L-Carnitine, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), and other natural herbs that offer noteworthy benefits without stimulating your central nervous system.*

3. Are You Currently On Any Meds?

It's always a good idea to speak with your physician or a health care professional before committing to a fat loss plan, and especially before you decide to settle on a fat burner.

If you're taking medication that may affect your heart, blood pressure, or may interact with stimulants or natural herbs be sure to bring up these questions with your doctor. Your doctor may in fact have specific instructions for you regarding the use of a stimulant or stim-free fat burner. You'll also notice that nearly every product label you see will have a note stating basically the same thing.

While getting down to your goal weight is highly desirable, it should never come at the expense of your health.

4. How Long Do You Plan To Use The Fat Burner?

Many people plan their diet in cycles of 1 to 6 months, which means you'd be dieting for fat loss for a couple of months and then you'd take a break from dieting, going back to a normal caloric load daily. In most cases, you should cycle your fat burner in the same fashion.

If this is the case with you, then you can use one of the stronger fat burners on the market since you aren't going to be using it for a lengthy period of time.

Stimulant fat burners may wear on your central nervous system over time. So it's important that you give your body time to detox off of fat burners every few months.

You can't use fat burners constantly so to cycle them in and out of your plan.
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You can't use fat burners constantly so
cycle them in and out of your plan.

5. Are You Stressed Out To The Max?

Stress is one of the top killers of any fat-loss goal. And added to that, dieting for fat loss is very stressful on your body physically. High stress may result in loss of lean muscle, increased fat storage, and slower recovery times between workouts. So, while many people want to turn to fat burners as the only solution to overcoming a weight-loss plateau, there are other beneficial products on the market that shouldn't be entirely neglected.

Whether you choose an antioxidant product, a high quality multivitamin, or a stress reduction supplement, there are a variety of natural herbs and plant extracts out there that can help you attack each day with a healthy mood and a positive outlook.*

For example, take a look at products with these ingredients if you feel like stress is inhibiting your fat loss*:

  • Rhodiola: Can help to fight feelings of anxiety in the body, support an elevated mood, and provide a solid platform so you can handle your busy lifestyle.*
  • Ginseng: Positively supports immune system function, mood, and energy levels.* If you feel tired and drained while under stress, this is the product for you.*
  • Kava kava: Encourages a more calm and relaxed state for the body and mind.*

Looking through all the various products on the market then is a very wise move so you aren't missing any that could potentially provide numerous benefits to you.

You may also consider using more than one type of fat loss supplement so you can see a combination of benefits and really take your program into overdrive.*

Just bear in mind that pairing two stimulant products is usually unnecessary and may lead to overstimulation, feeling drained later in the day, and throwing off your progress. Always pay attention to how much caffeine you are taking in throughout the day. Cups of coffee, pre-workout drinks and fat burners all contain caffeine and it's easy to overdo it without thinking about it.

So there you have some of the most important points to keep in mind when selecting a fat burner. If you choose wisely then you'll pick out one that will support your goals and help you accomplish everything that you set out to do.