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Y3T: Week 9, Day 63, Rest Day

You want to get big? You need rest. Allowing your muscles to recover is absolutely necessary for strength and size gains. Stay out of the gym.

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More is not always better.

Without proper rest, you won't get maximum work from your muscles. When you train, you tear down muscle fibers; if you don't allow them time to recover, you won't grow. Doing an intense program like Y3T without proper rest will result in less growth and a higher potential for injury and overtraining.

On your rest days, don't head into the gym to knock out a few extra squats. Don't go running like a madman. Keep your diet clean and your head in the game. Don't confuse "rest/recovery days" with "cheat days" or "cardio days."

On your rest days, keep you diet clean and your head in the game.

Pro Tips


Don't worry about reducing your carbohydrates, calories or protein on rest days. Because you aren't taking as many supplements like a pre-workout or pump amplifier, you won't get be the nutrients from those products.

You'll be taking in fewer nutrients without having to make substantial nutrition tweaks.


Sleep a lot. On rest days, go to bed earlier so your body can focus on repair, growth, and optimizing your hormonal levels.

Can't sleep? Eat!

If you can't go to bed earlier, have an extra meal to help your body maintain energy and maximize recovery. Since you aren't in the gym, it's likely that you'll be waiting 3-to-4 hours between a couple meals.

Combat this time between feedings by adding 30-to-40 grams of quality lean protein, 20-40 grams of complex carbs, and 100 grams of veggies.


There's no need for extra cardio on rest days. Don't go pounding out the mileage on a treadmill. It's not going to help you grow. By conserving your energy and taking time to rest, you'll be able to focus 100% on getting bigger and stronger as quickly as possible.

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