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One Year Workout Guide: An Introduction!

Building a system that builds on itself. I have been spending time creating a month by month plan to help attain a physique that you are working toward.

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During the past year, I have written monthly articles featuring my " Workout of the Month". Included in these is everything from maintenance programs to mass programs to advanced programs, with a lot of others. After conversations with Ryan Deluca, CEO of, we decided that most of you utilizing as a primary source for bodybuilding information could really use a system that builds on itself month by month in order to help you attain the physique you are working toward. With that in mind, the next year will offer each of you the opportunity to build your body in a systematic way so that a year from now, you will be much closer to the body that you dream of having.

I will start the programs at a beginning level, and (obviously) encourage people who are just starting out, to begin their weight training with this month's workout. Each month, I will build upon the foundation laid from the prior month, so that by the end of the year you will have a towering physique built one step at a time. For more advanced trainers, the first few months will likely not be challenging enough, but regardless, I urge each of you to read through the programs, so that if you have friends who don't know where to start, you can send them here.

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are championship physiques. You must have diligence, persistence, consistency, and faith in this program in order for it to work. If you are a beginner, have faith that this is the right program for you. Also, keep in mind that these programs are designed with several principles in mind, with one that I call "What have you done for me lately" at the top of the list. Each month, you will be giving your body a different stimulus that will not allow your body to plateau.


Workout program and tips for each stage.

Month #1 Getting Started.
Month #2 Continuation in Pursuit of an Optimal Physique.
Month #3 Time To Split.
Month #4 Moving up... 3-Day Split
Month #5 This One Is Super.
Months #6 AND 7 Two Months, Same Awesome Program, Better Results.
Month #8 Taking Strength Gains and Making Some Muscles.
Month #9 4 Day Split.
Months #10, 11 and 12 The Finishing Touches On Your Physique.