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2008 Workout Superfeature.

2008 Workout Superfeature.

With so many different workout combinations, it's tough to know what workout is best for you! We've found that there are a number of workout philosophies that merit a presence here.

Most people want to impress someone, but one-liners to a beautiful woman at the bar will probably leave you with a cold shoulder and a bruised ego while your friends laugh at your embarrassing situation.

This is an old practice that continues to fail miserably, instead why not follow our workout super feature, build a hard, chiseled, toned physique and win on all fronts.

Not only will you win the admiration of others, you will find a new respect for yourself and reap the rewards of a healthier and longer lifespan.

Workout Superfeature
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Build A Hard, Chiseled & Toned Physique!

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    Introduction To Working Out

With so many different workout combinations, it's tough to know what workout is best for you! We've found that there are a number of workout philosophies that merit a presence here. Every workout is reviewed for its effectiveness! Only TRULY EXCELLENT workouts are listed here.

Check back soon for many more great workouts!

Workout Database

Looking for a workout that is customized to exactly what you want? The Workout Database contains hundreds of categorized workouts that you can search using our simple form! Choose how many days per week, the type of program, how many sets you want and more. Print out the printable log and get to work!

Workout Programs

View all the articles on our site that have full workout programs and tips. Learn the secrets to getting the best gains in the shortest amount of time! These articles contain printable workout logs, descriptions of the exercises, the full science behind working out, and much more. Get started!

Exercise Database

Learn the correct form with picture and video guides! With the Exercise Database you can search by bodypart worked, equipment used or even by compound or isolate exercises! The best guide to exercises on the Net.

Beginner Workout Programs

Awesome Starting Programs
Awesome Starting Programs
Beginning Bodybuilding. Everything You Need!
A comprehensive guide for the beginning bodybuilder or someone who has just started.
Fill In The Blanks. Increase Muscle Now!
This outline for a workout is simplistic, which is also why it's very effective.

Intermediate Workout Programs

Taking The Next Step
Taking The Next Step
You're No Longer A Beginner. No Longer A Beginner.
Here's your next step. It is now time for a routine that is a bit more challenging!
Fill In The Blanks. Intermediate's Program!
You've been training and eating right for 6 months and are ready to take it to the next level!

Advanced Workout Programs

Advanced Programs (Men)
Advanced Programs (Women)
Jump-Start Fat Loss! Hardcore Workout!
You need more intensity! Here's a great high intensity workout for greater gains!
Muscle-Gaining Workouts For Women! 5 Workouts For Women!
5 different workouts to wake up your muscles and make them grow to a curvy summer shape!

    How-To Guides

Articles and images of exercises can be of great help but lose their impact quickly when they don't explain HOW TO conduct them. Our main exercise database map provides a direct route of answers to your questions and our videos show you the correct technique with some great hints and tips.

Jay Cutler
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Technique And Form Are Important No Matter How Advanced You Are.

Helpful Video Guides

Helpful Video Guides
Helpful Video Guides
The Poe Show! The Poe Show!
Follow Brandon Poe through his contest preparation for several bodybuilding contests.
Muscle-Gaining Workouts For Women! LiftRite Video Guides!
Watch Jim and Josh cover everything a lifter needs to know about exercise.

Check Out The Video Series Main Page Here.
New Video Series Added Every Week!

    More Workout Help

The great thing about weight training is that it covers so many benefits - assisting in the prevention of heart disease, bone density breakdown, Alzheimer's, depression as well as health, fitness and appearance goals.

The list goes on and the evolution wheel of its benefits keep turning so we continue our workout help with some miscellaneous advice that will help you become more educated in your quest to an improved state of health and level of physical achievement

Workout Workout
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Weight Training Covers So Many Benefits!

How Do I Keep My Motivation Up?

Short Term Motivation
Long Term Motivation
Bring It To The Gym! Bring It To The Gym!
You're connected with your power. So get your game on... right now!
Get Lifetime Motivation! Get Lifetime Motivation!
Ladies, use these 7 helpful tips for the long haul - truly a change for life.

Christina L. & Bob C.

Christina L. & Bob C.

Give It All!

Chris LaCascia.

Download These Wallpapers Here (And More!)

How Can I Stay Injury Free?

Injury Prevention
Injury Recovery
Injury Free Deadlifts! Injury Free Deadlifts!
Poor form on an exercise such as the deadlift could really mess up your back.
7 Steps To Safe Workouts! Safe Workouts!
No one plans on getting injured but it will happen if you don't take safety into consideration.

Why Am I Not Making Any Progress?

Plateau Busting
Busting Through Plateaus! Bust Through Plateaus!
Learn how specific exercise training is the key to breaking plateaus!
Don't Let Overtraining Stop You! Overtraining!
Adding more and more stimulus to improve? Often this is not the end result.

Myths & Misconceptions

Everyone has an opinion and everyone's is different to the next, so who do you believe? Our team helps you clear out all the myths and spells cast upon you by well-meaning self-proclaimed "Pros" who could have you on the road to nowhere. We can give you misconception detraction.

Myths & Misconceptions
Myths & Misconceptions
Beginner Myths! Beginner Myths!
Because they are just starting out, teens are vulnerable to every bodybuilding myth...
Muscle-Gaining Workouts For Women! Women's Myths!
The myths about women's weight training and bodybuilding do not ever seem to go away.

Jamie Eason
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Jamie Eason Performing Some Squats.

Finding People With The Same Goals

attmandu! attmandu!
Summer beach muscles? Check out my blog for some easy to understand diet info.
MoJoFit! MoJoFit!
I believe in waking up everyday with a purpose and striving toward a goal.

deserusan! deserusan!
Inside the Mind of Deserusan: Ex uno disce omnes.
dvsness! dvsness!
Dvsness, Dedication and Desire: My Road to NPC Figure.

oldsuperman! oldsuperman!
It amazes me how my body responds even at my age.
penny08! penny08!
Gaining some muscle! Enough to look like Carmen Electra.

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