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Working For The Weekend: 5 Intense Weekend Workouts

Don't waste your weekends on the couch. Kick the couch to the curb and get to the gym! These five workouts will help you crank up the heat.

Need a weekend workout? I've got you covered! I have a fun, intense lifting session for every major body part so you can make major gains every single weekend. I even threw in a super challenging 1,000-rep workout for lifters who need an extra dose of butt-kicking. Weekends might be for fun, but they're also for fitness.

I like to keep my workouts intense. So, unless there's a specific time prescription for your rest periods, keep them short. Grab a drink of water and hit the next set. Earn your rest by training hard; don't waste your workout by resting too much.

When you're done with the workout, don't forget to refuel the right way. It might be the weekend, but that doesn't mean you should finish your intense training session with a round of beers at the bar. Give your muscles the nutrition they need to recover and rebuild.

Heavy Chest Workout

This workout uses my infamous "28 method." The 28 method goes like this: You perform 7 full reps, 7 slow reps, 7 reps through the top half of the movement, and 7 seven final reps through the bottom half of the movement.

Chest Flyes

Shoulders/Core Workout

Legs/Core/Calves Workout

Straight-Bar Preacher Curl
Arms Workout
Heavy Giant Set

1,000-Rep Workout

Take as many sets as you need to do 100 reps per exercise. Keep your rest periods short. This should be a total-body burnout!

Need a back workout? Here are three that will thrash your backside.