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Prep For My First Bodybuilding Contest!

I regret to say it has been a while since I have written an article on this site, but I have been extremely busy. College has been kicking my ass, I am taking 18 credits this semester, and I work 25 hours a week.

I regret to say it has been a while since I have written an article on this site, but I have been extremely busy. College has been kicking my ass, I am taking 18 credits this semester, and I work 25 hours a week. But don't get me wrong, I have not lost sight of what is important to me, I have decided that I am definitely competing in a bodybuilding in the year 2002. Originally April was the game plan, but that fell through, as there were no shows within 3 or 4 hours of me before May.

And now, onto a second dilemma I have ran into; who is going to train me for a show. Sure, I have enough knowledge to where I could wing it myself and compete without anyone's help, but I feel it would be beneficial if someone took over my training, preferably someone who knows the ins and outs of competitions, someone who has been there, done that. Hell, I can't even decide what gym I want to workout at. I am a member at literally like every gym in town. I know I have to stop being indecisive and get all my doubts out of the way and start getting contest training under the way in a few weeks being it is already the middle of March.

However, I have been taking things anything but lightly since the last time I talked to ya'll. Back in September when I started writing articles, I weighed 235lbs and had a bodyfat percentage of about 25 percent. I have s pictures of what I used to look like and what I now look like, and they will be included in my next article. I now weigh 199lbs, and I got my bodyfat tested last week at 12 percent. Let me tell you those 36 pounds did not come off without hard work and discipline, and a whole lot of sacrifice. I have passed up many family dinners and parties over the last 6 months, but I am not sorry in the least bit. I am pursuing a dream and am determined to make it happen, and nothing is going to stop me now. I'm only about 20 to 25 pounds away from my competition weight, and when I decide the time and place, its on!

I have two contests in mind right now, and I will probably do one, maybe even both of them. I should know in the next few weeks for sure. I do not want to say that I am going to be competing at a show and then back out, so when I declare a date, it will be definite, you can rest assure. The first possibility is the NPC Virginia/DC State Bodybuilding Championships on July 6 in Virginia Beach. They have a teenage division, which is perfect because I will be 19 in a few months. It is about an hour and a half from my home. The second show is July 19-20, the NPC Teenage Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA. That would be a long drive, but it would be a dream come true for me. I have had this show in the back of my mind for a long time now, and it may end up happening, since this is the last chance I will have to compete in this show.

Of course, one thing that I think about when considering competing in a big national show is, do I honestly have a physique worthy of competing there? I saw all of the pics from the show there last year. The guy that won the overall was a beast, but there were some people that I know I could beat, and I think I could hang with the big boys. So, here's what I'm asking of everyone that comes across this article. I am going to put up pictures of what I look like right now, and every week or two I will continue to post pre contest photos, and I want everyone to critique my physique, and be honest. If you think I look like shit, tell me, I will not take offense to it. I need honest opinions from lots of people in the sport, because I do not want to step onstage until I am fine tuned and ready to rumble. I have already gotten several bodybuilders and trainers to critique me, but I want the readers and writers on this site to tell me, honestly, how I look and what I need to work on.

The guy that I currently have training me has me on a psycho cardio routine, where I do like an hour a day six days a week. Let me tell you this burns bodyfat quick, and the diet he put me on is pretty high in carbs, so I am eating a lot, and my muscles look full, and I am losing weight. Before this I was on a low carb diet and was doing 25 minutes of cardio, 4 times a week. Both philosophies work, and you can see how cardio and carb intake work inversely; if you do more cardio, you can eat more carbs and be safe, cut back on cardio, be careful that your carbs don't get too high or you will begin to gain bodyfat. Look for my next article, with pictures included, where I will detail the workout I have been following, along with diet and the killer supplementation program I am on to keep my track to reach my goals and compete in the year 2002.