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Screaming From Within: Control Your Weight Gain.

Is your weight a constant battle? Before starting a weight loss program it is critical to establish why there is a weight problem to begin with. Learn why ...

Is anyone listening, does anyone care? I'm fighting this despair and all they do is stare, they stare at me constantly and never speak a word. They're the eyes in the mirror and the voices from within that haunt my every waking hour wanting to be thin. It has taken over me and is tearing me apart. I don't know how much more that I can take how much more I can endure. Is there a magic potion or lotion of sorts? Is anyone listening, I am screaming from within.

Does this sound familiar? Is your weight a constant battle? Before starting a weight loss program it is critical to establish why there is a weight problem to begin with. A weight problem is a learned behavior. There is a reason behind everything that we do. Whether it is right or wrong is beside the fact.

Are You Having Trouble Controlling Your Weight?


What we need to do is find the reason for this behavior and correct or modify it to achieve the desired results. In some cases it is advisable to seek professional help.

Food Addictions & Allergies

It is now an accepted fact that weight gain can be attributed to food allergies or addictions. The primary food allergens are known as:

An allergic response can result in a radical reduction in blood sugar with symptoms of weakness, hunger and irritability. Allergic hunger does not reply to regular satiety control in the brain when eating in normal amounts, therefore the addictive and allergic responses to allergy may cause unmanageable eating actions.

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Allergic Responses May Cause
Unmanageable Eating Actions.

If you feel this can be the cause of your weight gain then it is advisable to seek a clinical ecologist or nutritionally oriented allergist.

Emotional Eating

Experts estimate that 75% of overeating is due to emotions. We learn at an early age that food is associated with quick comfort. As we grow so do our emotions and then our emotional eating eventually becomes habit. These habits are formed over a long duration and prevent us from seeking true problem solving techniques to our emotional turmoil.


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What Eater Are You?
Identifying the most common reasons why you eat will go along way to recognizing where your nutrition downfalls may be.
Shannon Clark

You must start with looking at the consequences of your actions. In this case, the consequences are unwanted weight gain. It is never easy to change a learned behavior but with perseverance and bit of knowledge you can win the battle. There are many situations that activate emotional eating and we must be aware of what they are to be able to substitute it with true problem solving techniques.

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It Is Never Easy To
Change A Learned Behavior.

Once you have learned what triggers your eating try to substitute your false hunger with activities that you enjoy. Play a board game, read a book, go for a walk, exercise. It has to be enjoyable. You should also try relaxation exercises such as yoga or just meditation. Individual or group counseling might be something to look at. Remember you are not alone and do not have to go through your transition alone.

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Genetic Factors

Genes are a factor in obesity in multiple ways. For example, it plays a roll in appetite, a sense of feeling full, metabolism, body fat and the body's way of dealing with stress. The gene factor on weight varies from individual to individual.

No one can tell exactly how large a roll genes play on your weight. Individuals with modest genetic tendencies to be overweight have a decent chance of losing weight by eating fewer calories and exercising more. They are more likely to have the ability to maintain weight loss.

Individuals with a higher genetic tendency are less likely to lose weight with average forms of diet and exercise. Still, if they lose weight, they are not likely to keep the weight loss. For these individuals it is more likely that weight loss will be under a doctor's guidance.

Closing Remarks

No matter what category you fit into, learning how to control the factors that contribute to weight gain is the key. Whether it be on your own or through professional intervention, you must get into control. Your life is your health.