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Unique Rep Scheme Garnishes A World Record!

We've all tried the various set and rep schemes and most iron trainers would agree that the 'trophy' muscles of the body are the biceps. This is no ordinary set and rep scheme. Read on to learn about an amazing record set with the barbell curl.

We've all tried the various set and rep schemes and most iron trainers would agree that the "trophy" muscles of the body are inarguably the biceps. Having well defined, peaked arms is a signature of strength and a commitment to the sport we all love. Training advice abounds on how to add the extra size and strength to this favored body part and most weight trainers would attest to trying every routine fathomable to this end.

Eddie Swanson, a 45 year old Police Officer from Chattanooga, Tennessee was determined to devise a rep scheme for the barbell curl that would be unparalleled in the sport of strength training. The adage of "mind over muscle" would serve to fuel this unique workout at Eddie's local gym at the University of Tennessee in December of 2004.

This 5'9", 195 lb. Jamaican native had credited an American record in 2001 for a 180 lb. strict arm barbell curl and had successfully competed in over 40 powerlifting events in his 20 years of training. A new decoration to his trophy mantle would soon come to pass as Eddie made the arrangements for a physician, a lawyer, a personal trainer and a camera operator to bear witness to this impassioned feat.

A World Record Goal

Armed with ibuprofen and sports cream, Eddie drove to the gym with his favorite pair of batting gloves and the encouraging words of his girlfriend Mesha who would remain by his side throughout the ordeal.

In order to capture the true essence of this remarkable task, envision your most painstaking arm workout and mentally draw yourself to your performance. Lactic acid inevitably ignites the burn that lifts the iron curtain and prohibits us from being able to budge the weight any further.

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Eddie credits his success to his training routine, consisting of full body workouts three times weekly.

His goal?

To hold the Guinness Book's World Record for the most barbell curls in a 60 minute time period.


    Figuring that most trainers ordinarily won't commit much effort past twenty reps, Eddie's goal was to perform as many repetitions as possible with 70 lbs for an hour! The mere thought of this has tendons stretching and muscles shuddering at the thought of such a deed.

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    To this point, there were no previous record holders and Eddie's mission was to set the bar beyond reach for any future successors.

    This bicep buster attributed his spiritual beliefs and his biggest inspiration, the passing of his Mother Orvester to fuel his mental game throughout the lift.

A World Record Goal

At 2:30 p.m. and sporting his trusty batting gloves, the weight was locked and his witnesses present to videotape the credibility of the attempt. Eddie's plan was to curl consecutively for 45 seconds, rest briefly and continue on.

The style consisted of touching the bar to his thighs and then completely curling up to his chin level and repeating and repeating and repeating.

A Staggering Ordeal

    At a staggering 200 repetitions Eddie recounts the painful ordeal and doubted whether he might reach his intended goal. His spiritual beliefs and mental fortitude powered him to 300 reps.

    At 400 reps Eddie was "just about done" - literally and figuratively I would presume. With his friends and witnesses cheering in awe, Eddie hit 500 strict repetitions with arms and back muscles on fire.

World Record!

    With tongue in cheek, the counter mused that Eddie still had 90 seconds remaining until his hour expired. I wouldn't hesitate to think that even the weight of your mouse would be an unbearable load for us after such a transaction...

    Eddie pulled up another 25 repetitions bringing his Guinness Record to 525 repetitions in 60 minutes! How's that for an arm day?

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What Possible Reason?
An Aresenal Of Life Achievements

Eddie's reasoning for attempting this record was to put his body to the ultimate strength test and gain some recognition for a remarkable accomplishment. Eddie, a 3rd degree black-belt in Karate had appeared in the popular "Mortal Kombat" movie and had gained extra roles alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. and was hoping to add this record to his personal arsenal of life achievements.

Eddie remarks to potential suitors to this title, "Good luck and have lots of ibuprofen; you're going to need it!" Eddie has no long range plan of increasing this record but added that if the record was toppled, he may reconsider. Any takers?

Will Eddie Swanson's Record Ever Be Toppled?

Eddie contacted the World Natural Sports Organization (producers of the industry acclaimed FAME World Tour - showcasing the natural talent of bodybuilders, figure, fitness and fitness model search competitors worldwide) as he recognized the amount of exposure that they offered their athletes.

Eddie has his sights set on attending the FAME World Championship taking place at the FAME Fitness And Model Expo in June and hopes to perform a guest routine.

Eddie has recently joined the popular FAME Agency as their representation for fitness models and actors in the entertainment industry. His plans were to continue with his acting career so this was a good fit.

When your last arm curl has your teeth clenched, veins bulging, and sweat clouding your vision just think of Eddie and say to yourself, "Only 500 more!" Perhaps Eddie will superset 500 arm curls with 500 tricep extensions as an encore performance!

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For more information on Eddie Swanson or the highly anticipated FAME Fitness And Model Expo, visit or call 866.817.7770 for tickets and competitor entries.