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Self Formation By Linda Fredette.

Looking to be the ideal woman! What are the measurements of such a creature? From what we see all around us, it would be thin, young and stunningly fit ...

Self Formation

Looking to be the ideal woman! What are the measurements of such a creature? From what we see all around us, it would be thin, young and stunningly fit.

So do you fit this profile? Are you tired of society's image of what you should be?

    Self: The individual as the object of his own reflective consciousness.
    Formation: The act of giving form or shape to anything.

Who is in charge of your life? Does society have to get up every morning and answer to the women you see in the mirror? Don't be afraid to be yourself. You answer only to you.

We are all artists at heart and if we would just pick up the paintbrush or start molding the clay, we too could become what we want. There are no ideal women, beauty starts from within. You are what you see and acceptance is the key.

The first step to self-formation is setting a goal. When we set short-term and long-term goals they must intertwine with our deepest values and beliefs to help motivate us. To make certain we achieve our goals we must take small steps at a time so we do not get frustrated and then give up.

For goal success we should describe our goals clearly and precisely.


Physical Ability: I'll do 2 more crunches and 3 more push-ups this training session than I did at my last one.
Cognitive Ability: I will tell myself that I am strong so that I am not so influenced by society.
Gain Information: I will learn more about exercises to help me create my personal masterpiece.
Courage: I will take control of my life from here on in.
Social Back Up: I will talk to a trainer about an exercise program.

Our goals should be positive and challenging if we want them to stimulate and inspire us.

Now that the artist in you has been unleashed it is time to start creating your very own masterpiece.

This work of art begins with a 3-dimensional approach.

  1. Resistance training
  2. Cardiovascular training and
  3. Nutrition

Resistance Training

Resistance training is very important but not sufficient on its own.
Progression is essential- keep increasing your resistance by using a heavier weight when you feel it becomes too easy or do more repetitions.
Focus on the body as a whole not a part, problem areas will cease if the whole body gets attention.
When you weight train you increase your metabolism and in doing so, when at rest your body burns more calories than someone who is sedentary does.

Cardiovascular Training

Although cardiovascular activity is essential it is not sufficient on its own.
We must keep working on progression. We must do a little bit more each time out. To achieve this we can raise the intensity because most of us are limited in time.
To monitor your effort and intensity, check your heart rate or wear a heart rate monitor.
Strive for 3-5 times per week for about 30-45 minutes each time.


Your goal is 5-6 small meals per day containing about 300 calories each, i.e.: veggies with meat or fish, for this will provide a steadier release of energy.
Presuming your training is during the day, your first 3-4 meals should be mostly complex carbohydrates for a continual release of energy. Near the end of the day your meals should consist more of protein and vegetables (reduced energy, repair tissue and slow digestion).
Minimizing your sugars/refined white flour (simple carbohydrates) because these lead to energy highs and lows.
We must not forget that fruit contains many essential nutrients, but are still primarily sugar and should be kept to 2/3 servings per day.

Your 3-dimensional plan should be part of your self-formation and in doing this it becomes a part of your life, which is a lifestyle change. Your masterpiece will always need to be worked on because life is ever so changing. But why not be all you can with the time you have on this earth. Why settle for second best when you have the choice to be what you want? Learn to love your body and life, you only have one to live make the most of it.

Make choices that make you happy because no one else has to live your life but you. Your health is your responsibility, don't pass the buck. It is OK to say no to something that is not good for you, free yourself from the manipulations of society and its growing commercialization. There is no magic pill, just good old-fashioned hard work and sweat.

This has been brought to by the trainer who wants to make a difference in your Life!!

Linda Fredette.

About Linda

Linda Fredette is a professional natural bodybuilder with World Natural Sports ( where she took the overall title from 50 competitive bodybuilders at the FAME International Event in Toronto, May 2004.

For more information regarding Linda or FAME World Events, please visit or contact us by email at:

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