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PerfNut Podcast: Jacob Wilson & Eddy Garcia Interview.

Listen in as Dr. Antonio and IFBB Fitness Pro Carla Sanchez interview Jacob Wilson & Eddy Garcia. Jacob is a Kinesiologist & Exercise Physiologist, and Eddy is a trained dancer and personal trainer. Listen in to their advice on fitness and health!

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Interview with Jacob Wilson, MSc., CSCS & Eddy Garcia
Kinesiologist & Dancer.

Topics: EAA's; Sexy dancing for fitness; Training Tip: Training logs; Carla's Sex Tip: Helping your tadpoles swim!

October 16, 2006; 57:26 minutes; 13.1 MB  audio

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About This Episode

Kinesiologist & Exercise Physiologist, Jacob Wilson.

    Jacob Wilson, MSc., CSCS graduated in the top 1 percent of CSU Eastbay with a B.S. (honors) in exercise nutrition and M.S. in kinesiology, and is completing his Ph.D. in exercise physiology (concentration in exercise nutrition) at FSU.

Jacob Wilson, MSc., CSCS.

    He is a professional member of the ISSN and president of, where he and his colleagues have published over 300 papers on exercise science. Jacob has lectured in nearly every core collegiate exercise science course and is presently developing nutrition plans for each of St. Mary's sports teams.

Dancer & Personal Trainer, Eddy Garcia.

    Eddy Garcia is a professionally trained dancer. She has been dancing since the age of 2, and is trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop. She has performed in Japan, Singapore, and at The Riviera, Caesars, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, The Plaza, and MGM Grand.

Eddy Garcia Eddy Garcia
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Eddy Garcia.

    When she retired as a dancer, she became a successful personal trainer. Realizing that her clients' biggest obstacles are the boredom and the lack of results they experience while training, she has been developing a class made specifically for women to lose weight and tone up via different dancing styles with her new start-up venture called "Strut."