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Sam Bakhtier: Winning It All

You heard me right, Bakhtier is the 2002 light-heavyweight class winner of the Border States Classic and middleweight class winner of the Tournament of Champions.

In the sport of bodybuilding training the body's muscles isn't the only hard work needed to exceed one's expectations. It is true that a regular weight training regiment is a must, however to accomplish an award winning physique a high protein diet, cardiovascular exercise and proper rest are needed as well. Ask Light-heavyweight winner of the 2002 Border States Classic XXIV and the Middleweight winner of the 2002 Tournament of Champions, Saman Bakhtier. You heard me right, Bakhtier is the 2002 light-heavyweight class winner of the Border States Classic and middleweight class winner of the Tournament of Champions.

Bakhtier competed at the Border States Classic held on September 21, 2002, at Pacific Beach Middle School, San Diego, Calif. He weighed in at 184 pounds competing in the light-heavyweight class. There were four competitors in Bakhtier's class to include: Rob Kallany, Jon Andrea, and Matt Ceglie. Any non-savvy onlooker could easily see that Bakhtier's upper body was superior to his competitors as well as the depths of his quads. However, Bakhtier's God given strength is best seen with poses such as a rear double-bi or rear lat spread. Let's just say that Bakhtier's glutes alone could turn coal into diamonds.

The Line-up

Bakhtier took first in the light-heavyweight class and moved on into the overall preliminaries with lightweight Manar Georges, middleweight Ivan Higashi, heavyweight Devin Dixon, and good friend super-heavyweight James Juge. The athletes took the crowd for a ride as they posed with expression and enthusiasm. The 5-foot-6 Bakhtier and 6-foot-2 Juge stood side by side hitting pose for pose. Both bodies hard and striated, striking each pose with personal success. Just as in life the two friends supported the other even when the overall trophy was at stake. A magnificent sight of what true friendship is all about. Lightweight class winner, Manar Georges got the crowd on their feet when he rushed the stage posing to the crowd with vigor. The pose down not only had the audience cheering but also lasted a good amount of time. Bahktier put his heart into the pose down. In the end the proportionate physique of middleweight Ivan Higashi captured the overall sword.

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Devin Dixon, James Juge, Sam Bakhtier, Manar Georges

Behind the scenes as the show came to an end Bakhtier craved more. He normally competes as a middleweight and weighed in high at the Border States Classic. But Bakhtier didn't feel defeat from the show; instead he felt determination to improve. As super-heavyweight James Juge, 2002 California Collegiate Overall winner Will Duggan and Bakhtier sat down for a bite to eat, Bakhtier began to ponder. The three friends spoke candidly about the competition giving credit to those who deserved it as well as constructive criticisms. Instead of ordering a plate of pasta or a greasy, cheesy burger, Bakhtier ordered two grilled chicken breasts and a green salad with lemon. His mission to achieve yet another goal began.

Bakhtier had been enrolled at the Tournament of Champions for September 28, 2002 for some time but now he had a renewed fortitude for personal success. His goal? To diet down to a middleweight for the Tournament of Champions and he had seven days to do it. As Bahktier sat at that table with his buddies he talked about his need to increase his cardio and watch his carb intake. He joked around (kind of) and told both Duggan and Juge not to call him for anything in the next week! Bahktier wanted no distractions as he journeyed to lose 10 pounds in one week.

Losing 10lbs In A Week

September 28, 2002 Bakhtier went to weigh in at the Veteran's Memorial Auditorium in Culver City. He peeled off and tipped the scales at a phenomenal 174 pounds. Bakhtier's waste had lost inches, his abs symmetrical and defined. His shredded quads bowed to equal out his broad deltoids and lats. If you ever wondered if muscle could become harder with a more intense diet and cardio. I'm here to say: "It can!" Bakhtier made the middleweight class and shared the spotlight with four other middleweight competitors.

As the middleweights came out for pre-judging preliminaries Bakhtier's friends sat at the back of the auditorium in awe of his weight loss. Bakhtier hit his poses with perfect precision. He trained and dieted beyond belief to himself and those there to support him. He took that stage at full force, holding nothing back, and giving every ounce of his being to the sport. Cheers came from the back of the auditorium as he spread his wings, stretching his leg back and tightening his remarkably shredded glutes. Bakhtier's indestructible form enabled his fans to applaud his transformation.

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That night Bakhtier captured a middleweight class win after taking home the light-heavyweight class trophy just one week prior. There will always be another physique that seems to be more proportionate or more symmetrical, but there aren't many physiques out there that can shed 10 pounds, changing from a light heavy to a middleweight competitor in one week. What does it take? It's more than the cardio workouts first thing in the morning.

Diet is most defiantly an aspect. The proper rest when training is a must. But for Saman Bakhtier it takes the love of bodybuilding, the determination to improve oneself and sacrifice to achieve personal goals. The trophies taken home are 'icing' to Bakhtier because knowing that "he could" is enough for him to carry throughout life. Bakhtier has proven to himself that no matter what life throws his way, he can overcome. We should be so lucky to have that kind of integrity.