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My Experiences At The NPC California Collegiate

From the 4:00 AM cardio training, the all protein diet to the after work extreme training and the posing practice, Will's focus was on the

As most of you know, Will Duggan competed in the NPC California Collegiate Championships 2002 and I'm happy to give you the events as they unfolded! First and foremost, Will worked VERY hard to prepare for this competition. From the 4:00 AM cardio training, the all protein diet to the after work extreme training and the posing practice, Will's focus was on the "win" was apparent to the end.

This was a state competition for scholastics that are currently enrolled in college and have a love for the sport of bodybuilding. Lonnie Teper a sports journalist who has covered the sport for many years promoted the Cal. Collegiate at the Pasadena College Auditorium. Teper has a column in Iron Man Magazine and proudly involves himself with the National Physique Committee (NPC).

Weigh In

Will weighed in at 174 1/4 lbs. Sat. morning, the summit of the middleweight class. There were seven competitors in Will's class. Will looked amazing!!!! His back was defined with an in-depth "Christmas tree", his triceps had protruding "zippers" and striated muscles were seen in his chest, abs and quads. He was shredded!

After watching the prejudging it was CLEAR that Will should win his class! The night show filled the auditorium with excitement and scores of spectators. It was time for Will to do his routine; he walked on stage to the theme song from the movie Top Gun. He posed with strict discipline as his face showed seriousness and intent. Then the music changed to an upbeat hip-hop song!

The Audience

The audience started to come alive as did Will! He posed to each corner of the stage with a full, strong "most muscular" stance. It was glorious to see him let lose and take the stage by storm. Then to everyone's surprise he gyrated his hips, turned his back to the audience and slyly slipped off his black posing trunks…underneath he sported yellow trunks. The "move" set the crowd into total mayhem!

This was the moment in which his constant dieting and training became unrestricted. Will's personality flashed (pardon the pun) throughout the room, his smile shone across his face and a deep breath overcame him. He was having fun, showing the true spirit of the sport.

Overall Preliminaries

The classes quickly announced the top 5 place holders, much congratulations to Alex Azarian-lightweight winner, Ray Bartolomeo-light heavyweight winner, Tommy Voss-heavyweight winner and YES, Will Duggan-middleweight winner! Will was very energized for the overall competition to commence between him and the other first place winners. However, the rumors that surrounded the auditorium were that the judges were focused on another competitor to win the overall, heavyweight class winner, Tomm Voss.

However, Will stood on the side of the stage and "signaled" to me that Voss was "nothing" and that he had the overall in the bag! (Yes, we have signals...HA!)

Knowing that the overall winner wins a trip to Pittsburgh for the National Collegiate in July made the pressure even more intense. Will had already bought me a flight to Pittsburgh, with the objective that Teper would be paying for his ticket. These "rumors" were more than nerve wrecking! They were gut wrenching! All the first place winners were brought out and lined up for preliminary judging. Voss, Bartolomeo, Duggan and Azarian stood shoulder to shoulder on the monstrous stage. Will looked amazing, completely dry and shredded!


My gut was a wreck as I videotaped him. Voss didn't look as dry as Will and therefore wasn't as shredded. But the drone in the audience was that Voss was going to win! The judges turned in the results while the athletes squared off during the overall pose down. Once the music stopped and the four competitors took their place on stage, Will stood there winking at me as if to say, "don't worry honey."

The audience was breathless as Teper dragged out the announcement of the winner! Then the crowd became restless and shouts came from its depths...."number 17!", "Big Willy Style", "Duggan".... Teper announced what the audience already knew..."the overall winner of the California Collegiate 2002 is……… Will Duggan!!!!!!!

Will started to dance around, walked to the corner of the stage where I was sitting and pointed to me and then to his heart, and blew me a kiss. He gave a "most muscular" pose while waggling his head side to side as if to say, "nanny, nanny, nanny!" The overall competitors were the first to shake Will's hand, and then Teper came to talk with Will about his win.

Will explained that he only bought one ticket to the Nationals in Pittsburgh for me "knowing" he [Lonnie] would pay for his ticket after he won the overall. Will thanked me for waking up at 4:00 AM with him to cook his egg white omelets and for putting up with his moods. Will then thanked his mom and all the friends that came to the competition to cheer him on and for those who helped him stay on track as the show got closer...he was elated!

The Winner

Will deserved this win! He trained hard and his physique reflected it, therefore he savored the feeling of victory.........he ate all day the next day! He gained almost 15 pounds in one day, mostly water! It will only be two weeks until he competes at the Muscle Beach Classic on the 4th of July. It is a great way to network, so we'll be there on July 4th.

On July 11th we leave for Phoenix for the NPC Arizona State Championships promoted by Miles Nuessle. Thanks to this overall win we leave (together) the following week, July 18th, for Pittsburgh for the NPC Collegiate National's promoted by Gary Udit. It's going to be tough month for Will...but the precedence is set and Will is in the best shape of his life. Will believes nothing that is valuable or worthy is easy to achieve. With Will's positive attitude the "karma" will continue!