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John Wilkins Podcast Interview: Football Training.

Podcast Interview: In this episode, Dan Gastelu interviews guest John Wilkins. Listen to football training secrets from a championship high school and college football player.

John Wilkins Interview, Pt. 1

Welcome to Interview # 9 in the Awesome Muscles™ Podcast Interview Series. This week, your host, Daniel Gastelu, chats with expert football trainer John Wilkins about what it takes to train serious athletes and how to make even the swiftest of foot even faster!

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In this interview, John Wilkins (founder and co-owner of Health & Body personal training facility, a master personal fitness trainer, an athletic trainer, bodybuilder and former college football player) discusses his specialized football speed, strength and conditioning training program.

During his years playing college football, John started experimenting with different speed and strength training techniques, which eventually lead to the development of his football player tested approach that he uses in his personal training facility to train football players to improve their athletic performance.

John Wilkins

Co-Owner, Steve Crane & Expert
Football Trainer, John Wilkins.

In part 1 of this interview, John reviews his background in athletics, what led him to become a personal trainer, and insights behind the development of his football speed, strength and conditioning program. As this training program is in two parts, so this interview.

This segment contains John reviewing his speed training approach, which includes a diverse category of exercises which you can view photos and video clip samples of in the companion article; dynamic stretching, dynamic warm-up, core training, upper body plyos, and sleds for power and explosiveness.

John also discusses the importance of sports specific training - the key to improving athletic performance.

Athletic Performance Improvement Series - Football Training! Athletic Performance Improvement Series™ - Football Training!
In part one of this series, I've provided information about what the Athletic Performance Improvement Series™ is, John Wilkins and football training, speed training, results, & video clips.
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