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An Interview With Peter C. Siegel, R.H.

After graduating from college, Pete said that psychology is too incomplete. He packed his things and moved to LA to bodybuild and to study psychology more. Learn more about this overachiever and some of the people he has helped.

*This interview was done via phone and are not direct quotes from Pete, rather written in response to his answers.

[ Q ] Pete, it is an honor to be giving this interview. With so many accomplishments, I don't know where to start. I guess we'll start off with some background information about you. Could you fill us in on your educational background and what got you started in this industry?

    Pete attended State University of New York, College at Brockport, in 1977 where he graduated with a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree. After graduating, Pete said that psychology was too incomplete. He packed his things and moved to LA to bodybuild and to study psychology more.

    He attended the Hypnotherapy Training Institution as well as worked at Gold's Gym on 2nd Street to help pay for school. It was at Gold's Gym that he was able to test people to see if his psychology theories were correct. Pete wanted to base his theories on their results rather than simply preach that his work gives results.

    Pete became a certified hypnotherapist and since that point Pete has been working harder than anyone on becoming the best hypnotherapist he could possibly be. Pete studied anyone and everyone he could get his hands on and read about hypnotherapy until his eyes went crossed. It is because of his hard work that he is now known as the best in the world.

[ Q ] You are a very well educated man who is a NLP Master Practitioner as well as a Gestalt Therapist and a Hypnotherapist. Could you talk about those positions?

    As a hypnotherapist he is mainly working with two levels - those being the conscious and subconscious.

    In the conscious he is working on level where people process information, make judgments, come to reasoning, and understanding.

    In the subconscious, he is working with mind influences. These come from parents, grandparents, and basically anyone in your family. These are things in which are responded on without any thought.

    Being a NLP Master Practitioner, Pete is moving people to personal greatness.

You are an extremely successful hypnotherapist with tons of clients. Could you fill us in on some of the teams and athletes you have worked with over the years and what you did to help them better their performance?

    (just to name a few)


    • LA Galaxy
    • USC Women's Golf Team
    • Detroit Tigers
    • Minnesota North Stars
    • Philadelphia Flyers
    • New Jersey Devils
    • New York Rangers
    • Los Angeles Kings


    • Troy Aikman
    • Damion Easley
    • Ben Johnson
    • Billie Hogan
    • Royce Clayton
    • Scott Spiezio
    • Tim Salmon
    • Sid Fernandez
    • Orel Hershiser
    • Justin Thompson
    • Greg Zaun
    • Gabe Alvarez
    • Gary Green
    • Rene Gonzales
    • Luis Ortiz
    • Craig Worthington
    • Pete Incaviglia
    • Bob Brenley
    • Rick Dempsey
    • Kelly Mann
    • Bill Bates
    • Jim Jeffcoat
    • Kevin Brooks
    • Jeff Jaeger
    • Bob Golic
    • Steve Beuerlein
    • Mike Dyal
    • Pete Koch
    • Jim Byrne
    • Lyle Alzado
    • Alexi Yachin
    • Jamie Storr
    • Sean O'Donnell
    • Valery Zelepukin
    • Ruslan Salei
    • Mark Hardy
    • Jay Wells
    • Dean Kennedy
    • Ken Baumgartner
    • Alan May
    • Al Lafrate
    • Troy Crowder
    • Dave Maley
    • Chris Terreri
    • Sean Burke
    • Tim Kerr
    • Pele Eklund
    • Mark Howe
    • Al Secord
    • Doug Sulliman
    • Mike Richter
    • Ty Domi
    • Ira Newble
    • Jerome Moiso
    • Ken Norman
    • Harold Pressley
    • Fernando Vargas
    • Gerry Cooney
    • Vinnie Curto
    • Victor Martinez
    • Lee Haney
    • Mike Christian
    • Tom Platz
    • Boyer Coe
    • Andreas Cahling

[ Q ] If you had to state your "name to fame," what do you want to be remembered for?

    Pete wants to be remembered as "The most powerful force on Earth". He wants people to remember that their life will change forever with Pete Siegel. People will reach levels that exceed performance that they ever thought possible.

    He wants to be known for having well documented proof that his system works and that you will become stronger, more functional, and more accomplished in life. On the phone he came up with a new quote for his program -

    "Stop Complaining And Start Mental Training."

    Pete mentions that there are many people out there that act like they know what they are taking about and are self-proclaimed experts in the field, but they have no proof that their work is legit. You really need to know who you are dealing with and know if they can really get you the results that you want.

[ Q ] You need to go to a source that is tested and proven that will work for you. With Pete, you know you are getting the best in the business and looking at his long client list it is obvious.

    Pete also wants people to remember that he made it to where he is by hard work. His career is his and no one spoon-fed him. He created his own destiny and is living proof that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

[ Q ] What is your favorite part of the job?

    Pete said that he literally loves every part of his job. Whether it be the demand, the stress, or flying out to work with someone 1-on-1, he loves it all. He loves staying up all night working on one of his new books or manuals, or flying around the world for television interviews, seminars, or personal sessions.

    He lives for learning more about his profession and seeks out knowledge to improve his skills. Pete is constantly finding resources to improve and make him the best in the world.

    He loves phone interviews and goes into great detail about his background and history of where he was and what he has become (I should know because I called him on a dime and got the interview done the same day).

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Peter C. Siegel, R.H.

[ Q ] What is your least favorite part of the job?

    Like I mentioned above, Pete loves every part of his job. When most of us would say screw it and give up, he pushes on and on in order to separate himself from everyone else. He lives for the stress and the demand of the job-sitting in front of the television not to enjoy a sporting event, but rather to study the players and fine tune his skills to help athletes get to the next level.

[ Q ] How exactly do you work with your clients?

    Pete works with his clients normally 1-on-1 unless he works with a whole team (team training sessions). When working solo with an athlete he can utilize many different types of training sessions. Pete can do phone sessions with an athlete by simply talking with them-these can either be pre-season, post-season, or even pre-game.

    The sessions he does mainly deal with getting the player to peak performance and mental training. These sessions can either be once and done depending on the situation or they can have constant communication throughout the year/season.

    Pete can notice things that coaches can't, and it is that ability that sets him apart from everyone else in getting players to a higher level and giving them an edge over the competition. Pete describes his mental training techniques as having a player in a game where he can't see or hear anything other than the task that is in front of him/her.

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[ Q ] Do you have a favorite sport that you enjoy working with the most?

    Pete really doesn't have a favorite sport that he enjoys working with. He does however, believe that he is the best person out there who can help people hit a baseball. He also mentioned that he enjoys hockey and football for their "tough and physical play", but at the same time enjoys baseball and soccer the same.

    When it comes down to it, it really doesn't matter what sport it is... he plain old loves working with elite athletes and will do whatever it takes to make them not only a better athlete, but also a better person.

[ Q ] What's it like being all over the media? You are all over magazines, television, and newspapers.

    Pete has been working on fine-tuning his skills for the past 30 years and has gained the eye of many people in the entertainment industry. Everyone from sport reporters, to newscasters, to magazines has asked for an interview. Pete was actually a monthly columnist for Muscle & Fitness magazines and has shared many insights to improving mental training.

    He loves talking to people and encourages people to come and talk to him. Pete always takes time out of his day to talk to anyone who is a fan or has questions for him (just don't bug him while he is working out, he enjoys his time in the gym and will gladly talk to anyone after he is done working out). Pete lifts incredibly heavy weights, and if he mentally isn't focused, it is very easy to hurt yourself with the weights he is pushing.

    Below is a list of some of the media sources Pete has appeared in:

    • L.A. Times
    • Newsday
    • Sacramento Union
    • Sacramento Bee
    • The Daily News
    • Waukesha Freeman
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Beaver County Times
    • The Free Press
    • Baseball Weekly
    • USA Today
    • Seattle Times
    • Muscle & Fitness
    • Shape
    • Self
    • Men's Fitness
    • Sports Fitness
    • Flex
    • Runner's World
    • Fitness Runner
    • Outside
    • Playboy
    • L.A. Magazine
    • Spin Magazine
    • Inside Kung Fu
    • Women's Fitness Intl.
    • Physical
    • Exercise For Men
    • Sports Illustrated
    • Vitality
    • Fitness RX/Women
    • Sport
    • BMX Freestyle
    • Sync
    • Natural Bodybuilding
    • Iron Man
    • Club Scene
    • The Runner
    • America West
    • U.S. Air
    • Golf Magazine
    • Golf Illustrated
    • Golf Tips
    • Golf Digest
    • Golfer's Guide
    • Splat (Paintball)
    • Men's Health
    • Let's Live
    • Max Muscle Sports & Fitness
    • Surfer
    • Tennis
    • Oxygen
    • Glamour
    • Canadian Living
    • Family Circle
    • Best Body
    • Great Life
    • Parenting O.C.
    • Revue LEXNEWS
    • ESPN
    • CNN
    • NBC
    • VH1
    • HBO Sports (Real Sports with Bryant Gumble)
    • The Jenny Jones Show
    • Fox Sports Net (Best Damn Sports Show Period)
    • The Golf Channel
    • KABC
    • KNBC
    • KCAL
    • KCBS
    • KTTV
    • KTLA
    • KCOP
    • KCRA
    • OCN
    • Prime Ticket
    • CTV (national Canadian TV)
    • Fuji TV

[ Q ] Do you have a most memorable moment in your career that you look back on and are extremely proud of?

    After much thought, Pete really couldn't come up with just one moment that stuck out in his head. He mentioned that everything is special to him when he can take someone who has nothing and turns them into champions. He enjoys helping any elite athlete and taking them to the next level, then he gets the chance to watch them on the field or court and see how they have progressed is special to him.

    He said there is nothing better than watching people free themselves from something that was holding them back, or helping them break bad habits. He wants to build their confidence so they are able to move mountains and become their own person.

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[ Q ] Obviously you work with elite athletes, but do you take on anyone who looks for your services whether they are an elite athlete or not?

    Pete splits his time with about 80% pro athletes and the other 20% with high power businessmen. He considers these people to be "champions". He wants to work with the people who are powerful and are not just the top 1% of the population, but rather the 0.5% of that population.

[ Q ] Do you have a special thank you that you would like to send out to anyone?

    Gil Boyne, who was the world's leading hypnotherapist, was one of the people who got Pete interested in hypnotherapy back in 1979. He was actually Pete's first instructor, and Pete gained many techniques from him. In class,Pete would watch him in amazement and disbelief at some of the stuff he could do.

    Joe Weider, who Pete considers a dear and respected friend, who published Pete's mind power/bodybuilding success articles in Muscle & Fitness for decades starting back in January1980.

    Another individual who had a great impact on Pete was Richard Bandler-the founder of NLP. Pete read all of his books and teaching tapes.

    Pete credits God for allowing him to do what he does.

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Peter C. Siegel, R.H.

[ Q ] Before we part, is there anything else that you would like to add to this interview?

    Pete has a lot of good books to read that can help ANYONE get to where they want to be.

    He just came out with a new book called, "The Formula" which can bring you what you truly desire whether it be to lose weight, become wealthy, find a great boyfriend/girlfriend, or even make huge muscle gains. He states that everything starts with the mind and that when you understand how to fully use it, anything is possible.

    This new book deals with the mind powers and is a 7-step process that helps address issues and helps you change those issues and become success. This book can be purchased from his website:

    Pete also has a great read that is found at that is in an e-book form. The book is called "Step It Up To Mega Muscle and Power".

    Another great book for anyone who is interested in bodybuilding would be "Think and Grow BIG" which is a book and CD program. The forward is done by none other than Joe Weider. It covers mind power and helps you reach the next level of bodybuilding and helps turn up your intensity to a level you have never achieved that will shoot your muscle gains through the roof.

    I simply mentioned three of his books above, but Pete actually has over 24 books published and has another 10 that are waiting to be published. He is constantly re-doing his techniques and changing his systems to make them even better than before.

[ Q ] Pete, thank you for your time and I hope the readers enjoy this interview as much as I did. Good luck with everything in the future!

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