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Interview With Shawn Ray - Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/AM Classic.

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Shawn Ray, the promoter and organizer of the Colorado Pro. Learn more about the show, dates, new events, and some of the pros who will be competing.

[ Matt ] Shawn, I must say that it is an honor to be doing this interview with you. Being in the spotlight and being a role model for the sport is a great accomplishment. Now after all of your hard work and dedication to the sport, your second Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/AM Classic is approaching and I want to congratulate you on that. So let's get down to business... What made you create this great event?

    [ Shawn ] I decided there were some things in this business I wanted to do to help the athletes as well as stay in the game that has been very kind to me. I have always enjoyed the "marketing" side of the sport as well as the "promotional" side of the business.

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    Therefore, when the opportunity arose for me to put this deal together with the company I work for, "Vyo-Tech Nutritionals", I called upon all my years of experience in the business, all my friends, and got the best partner I could find to integrate the NPC into the big picture - Jeff Taylor fit the bill!

[ Matt ] With that being said, could you fill us in on some information on the Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/AM Classic? For those who are interested in going to the show, could you tell us where the show will be held as well as when it is?

[ Matt ] How can fans purchase tickets for your event?

[ Matt ] Will there be any live broadcasts for this year's event?

    [ Shawn ] Our host sponsor will be broadcasting live on the Internet from their web site:

[ Matt ] Are there any new features/events to this show the second time around?

    [ Shawn ] This year we added: Wrestling, Fencing, Boxing, Arm Wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts to our EXPO that already included: Strongman, Powerlifting, Bench Press Comp, and a Bikini Contest!

    * Friday Night we also have a Featured Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Expo immediately following Friday nights Prejudging as an added entertainment value for the fans!

[ Matt ] Last year you went above and beyond anything any event has ever done and that was giving back to the fans by giving out some pretty handsome prizes. Last year you gave away televisions, laptop computers, cell phones, cd/dvd players, iPods, and one lucky winner even took home a new Hummer. I'm not sure how you could even top the first event you held... but are there any plans like that for this year?

    [ Shawn ] One lucky fan will have the chance to win a FREE $12,000.00 Honda CBR Superbike! The Door Prizes were tough to come by and time consuming but it went over great with the fans.

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    Honda CBR Superbike.

    I feel like with a Bigger EXPO and the small details of the infrastructure of the show, I needed this year to focus on the production a bit more. Sadly the fans will have to suffer through our efforts to make a seamless show, where we can get them in and out in a timely fashion, which is most important after a long day with lots of athletes!

[ Matt ] Who all will be competing in this year's event? Do you have any predictions for this year?

[ Matt ] Last year you had a great sponsor line-up. What sponsors do you have lined up for this year's event?

[ Matt ] Are there any special thank you's that you would like to hand out?

    [ Shawn ] I want to thank Jesus Christ for allowing me this platform to serve others and give back to the sport of Bodybuilding as well as my wife, Kristie who has been so supportive of my efforts that makes it all worth while.

    The owners of Vyo Tech Nutritionals: brothers Vince & Spiro Kandis and their partner Randy Moss, who have allowed me to put this idea into reality!

    My co-partner Jeff Taylor, for his passion and wisdom of contest promoting... we make a great team, thanks buddy!

    All the fans who have supported my efforts throughout my competition years and into my promotional venture! Thank you guys!

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[ Matt ] Before we part, is there anything else you would like to add to this interview about the event?

    [ Shawn ] I came into this side of the sport on a challenge from people who said, "I couldn't do it." Thank you guys for lighting the spark and making it into a raging inferno!

    From these types of people who criticize and challenge me, I want to say thank you for bringing out the best in me, as this show - for the 2nd straight year - is the 3rd Largest in all of Pro Bodybuilding regarding prize money! We'll be back again in 2008 with more prize money and more fan appreciation!

Shawn Ray
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Shawn Ray.

[ Matt ] Shawn, it was an honor doing this interview. Good luck with the event and I wish you the best. Thank you for giving up some time in your busy schedule for this interview!