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Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail: Top 10 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Fail To Grow!

Are you frustrated with the lack of growth you're experiencing? If you are I have listed some facts below to put you in a position to motivate yourself and leave your ego at home. Read on to see what I mean.

Are you frustrated with the lack of growth you're experiencing? Then read on...

Fact 1 - Ignorance Of Self

    The reason bodybuilders don't grow is because they don't know what state there body is in to start with. Without accurately assessing your current state you cannot determine which system of training will help you reach your goals.

Fact 2 - Improper Training

    Bodybuilders don't know how to change the state they are in to induce growth. Guess what? If you do not train properly you will never stimulate you muscles to grow. Improper training is one of the biggest reasons why most people never get the desired results form training.

Fact 3 - No System

    Bodybuilders do not know what route to take to get there (build muscles). Most bodybuilders have no real system that changes as there body gets used to the training stress they are currently handling. They walk into the gym, pick random exercises and rep ranges, put their time in and go home. Where is the science in that?

Fact 4 - Drug Use

    Athletes can't keep the muscles they built with drugs because they don't know how to train or eat in the first place. Once they stop taking drugs there muscles disappear leaving them skinny, fat and in a worse state then if they had never used drugs.

Fact 5 - No Biofeedback Journals

    Most bodybuilders do not regularly monitor biofeedback to determine when to change their training to continue growing. If you are not keeping record of your training there is no way you are maximizing your gains.

    Journal keeping allows you to track your process over years enabling you to fine tune your training and keep the gains coming continuously.

Fact 6 - Ignoring Weaknesses

    Most people select exercises that only work their strengths. Seldom or rarely do they work on their weaknesses and create a truly outstanding balanced physique.

Fact 7 - Bogus Supplements

    Bodybuilders get sucked into bogus well marketed supplements and glitzy magazine adds to look for quick fixes instead of implementing a systemized, training and nutrition program.

Fact 8 - No Intensity

    Most people do not generate enough intensity in the gym to force the body to grow. Intensity is a very misunderstood term in bodybuilding and most individuals are kidding themselves into believing they are training intensely enough to really grow.

Fact 9 - No Coaching

    Very few bodybuilders actually invest in professional specific coaching to help them achieve their best results. Consider this, what athlete in the world got to the top of his game without coaching. I will tell you, absolutely none! Many bodybuilders erroneously think that they can maximize muscle growth with out coaching. Guess what? They are dead wrong!

Fact 10 - Ego Gets In The Way

    Most people let their EGO get in the way of learning the correct and most efficient way of training. They do not listen to or follow sound science or consider what other people have to say.

    They spend their time shooting down authorities in the sport or spouting off about their own hair brained training routine. Great athletes are life long learners. They check their ego at the door and are always looking for ways to improve, integrate and apply new training information.

Examine Your Training

I could go on about these failure reasons for a whole book but you get the idea. Analyze your own thoughts and training and see if there is anything holding you back. Then eliminate your weaknesses and move forward on the path to greatness. By constant and honest self analysis you can be sure to achieve greatness in any field.

Which Of The Above Facts Best Explains Your Growth Difficulties?

Fact 1 Ignorance Of Self.
Fact 2 Improper Training.
Fact 3 No System.
Fact 4 Drug Use.
Fact 5 No Journals.

Fact 6 Ignoring Weakness.
Fact 7 Bogus Supps.
Fact 8 No Intensity.
Fact 9 No Coaching.
Fact 10 Ego In The Way.

Unfortunately, drug usage has become rampant in sport and society itself. This is the current state of bodybuilding today. Many athletes get frustrated with their progress and start using drugs.

Current bodybuilding practices are so devoid of a scientific system in training that it has led to widespread and insane drug use. This abuse of drugs in turn has destroyed more physiques and made the current crop of bodybuilders look more like cartoon freaks and leftovers from the Frankenstein labs.

Accepting Natural Bodybuilding As A Legitimate Sport!
It never seems to amaze me how people can so quickly judge one another. How can we expect other sporting bodies, plus the general public, to take natural bodybuilding seriously when the majority of us don't?
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Not only have current bodybuilders lost the respect of society, bodybuilding has become the laughing stock of the sport world. The primary reason for this is that bodybuilders have lost respect for themselves and their bodies.

True bodybuilding is about right training, nutritious eating, a positive mental outlook, and a deep respect for yourself and others.

The Bottom Line Is...

If you don't know how to build muscles without drugs you can never keep the muscles you build with drugs. Drugs are kind of like traveling internationally without a passport. You may get to your destination but you won't be able to stay there and sooner or later you will be deported back to where you came from.